We invite you to be among those Powderhounds at the front door who receive our advance weather intel reports via app, text and email. 

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Screens from Insider app last season

Advantages of the Insider program 
  • SIMPLIFY your access to information resources before & during significant events with fast delivery of plain-language reports and actionable graphics;
  • ADVANCE notification through text and email without having to hunt through websites or wait for updates by social media; 
  • PROTECT civility in communicating hazard concerns without the distraction of social media by focusing on data, probability and risk assessment.
 What does a Powderhound Insider get? 
  • Insider's App Real-time, secure, organized access to internal reports, daily posts and special long range forecasts. Look in the App Store or Google Play for "Powderhound Insiders" for a preview.
  • Text Alerts When significant changes in the forecast are in progress, get notified with a short text alert containing a link or map with key details. 
  • Short List When winter weather is on the move in next 24-72 hours, the Short List is a fast, efficient overview of what's ahead. Updates are posted first in the Insider's App, followed by an alert notification from app to your phone.
  • Insider Updates - Detailed winter weather assessments emailed either Thursday or Sunday, depending on the weather pattern, all season. In stormy or high impact periods, briefs are issued in the evening or early AM.
  • Snowstradamus Says - Long range target periods when our team projects that hazardous winter weather may develop in the Eastern U.S. 

Example text update 
issued to Insiders Fri AM 1/22/16

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*Winter intelligence through 12/31/17*
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