Before Winter Lives...
It's Hoody Season!

We have 24 hoods/zips 
remaining as of SUN 9/27

All products are GILDAN Brand
Heavy Blend 50/50 poly-cotton 
Proceeds go to our operating costs

  • Consider 4 different styles in our Pre-Winter Clearance of hoodies, full zips, tie-dyes and the newest feature this season: Embroidered quarter-zips
  • Check pull-down menus with our exact inventory updated daily, with a list at bottom of the post. Only those options shown are in stock and ready to ship
  • Complete your order with our simple PayPal portal, even if you don't have a PayPal account! Shipping is just $5.00 for all orders.

1) Embroidered Hoods & Zips: Maryland Flag-in-the-Foot and Pinwheel Tie-Dye


2) Pullovers: Where Winter Lives & Snowflake


3) Full Zips: Where Winter Lives & Snowflake

  • No PayPal account is required. You can order as "Guest" and in the first screen under "Shipping Address" we prompt you to add a message confirming color, style and size.
  • We will confirm the item requested is in stock before processing your payment. 
  • Shipping by UPS will occur on the following business day, and a tracking # email followup.
Thanks for your support of the team - and enjoy your FF hoodies!

Senior Forecaster Mike Natoli sporting his Epic Blue hoody 
at the University of Maryland - College Park

Current Hoody Inventory as of 9/27/2015:

1) Embroidered MD Flag-in-the-Foot
  • Purple Quarterzips: 1 Large, 1 XL | Purple Pinwheel Pullover: 1 Large
  • Pinwheel Orange Pullover: 1 Large | Dark Orange Pullover: 1 Large

2) Pullovers: Where Winter Lives 
  • Purple: 1 Small, 1 Large
  • Royal Blue: 1 Large 
  • Navy Blue: 1 Large
  • Light Gray: 1 XL
  • Storm Gray: 1 Small
  • Black: 2 Large
3) Full Zips: Where Winter Lives
  • Forest Green: 1 Medium, 1 Large, (1) 3XL
  • Purple: 1 XL
  • Navy Blue: (1) 2XL
  • Storm Gray: 2 Large
  • Burgundy: 1 XL
  • Black: 1 Large

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