Wednesday, March 24, 2010

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by PSU Meteorologists Matt Alto and Jonathan Kegges on
7:00 AM THURSDAY 3.25.2010 Today's feature videos are from Forecasters Matt Alto and Jon Kegges. Matt joined the team in December 2009 and has covered the Northeast Ohio area since January 2010. The first video, recorded Wednesday for a Thursday broadcast is by Jon Kegges, a Meteorology senior at Penn State. Jon has forecasted for our Western Pennsylvania Zone since January 2010. Each week Matt and Jon prepare forecast videos for the college sports network, and we are proud to showcase their work to demonstrate the caliber of your Forecast Team.

Matt Alto, a junior at Penn State University majoring in Meterology, provided the Tuesday night broadcast as shown below. Matt was recently rated the #1 most accurate college student forecaster by the North American Weather Challenge Contest conducted by the University of Oklahoma.

Each day this week we will feature different zones or accomplishments of these multi-talented enterprising young men and women. We hope it will inspire you to tell all your friends something like: "Hey go check Foot's site.. there are some amazing kids on there doing national videos and zone forecasters all over the east coast." Putting it in perspective, all that's happened on this site the past six years was just the first inning of what will be a very exciting ball game. Opening day is coming soon, got your tickets?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

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"Not enough time..."

SYNOPSIS  (for those with not enough time)
- Pacfic Ocean temperature anomalies due to the current El Nino cycle remain above historical averages, suggesting that stormy weather will persist through the Spring for much of the Eastern U.S.
- Colder conditions are expected this weekend across the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast as a storm system travels through the southeast while high pressure orients near the Great Lakes.  Brief periods of snow are possible late Friday into Saturday for parts of the Mid-Atlantic.

6:00 AM TUESDAY 3.23.2010  From the not-yet-recovered flood waters of the northeast to the snowmelt floods of the northern plains or the latest round of winter weather in the southern plains -- there's been not enough time in between events for residents to catch a break from the onslaught of 2010. It has been a "Wherever you are" year, as much of the planet has endured a more variable fall-winter-early spring due largely to the cyclical nature of the 2009-2010 El Nino.

As reported by the Southeast U.S. Farm Press, the impacts of El Nino have already caused significant problems for farmers in some areas, yet helped produced a bumper crop in others.  Is help on the way? Perhaps, depending on where you live. Preliminary data reported by NASA suggests a possible weakening trend, but with Oceanic Heat Content anomalies still above 1.5 degrees C, the Climate Prediction Center reminds that effects of the current cycle will linger well into summer.

GREAT. WHAT ABOUT THIS WEEKEND?  The problem with being in an extreme cycle is that it can take a considerable period of time to rebalance.  Thus, the Forecast Team does not recommend you put away all the winter gear just yet in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. As recent as April 6-7, 2007 - some eastern cities saw measureable snow on Easter eggs and gave the bunny a chilly morning trip. We are watching for the potential of a shift in the cold regime from the central plains to the east, with the possibility of a chilly rain or brief overnight snow Friday into Saturday from Virginia through central Maryland to eastern Pennsylvania.

Monday, March 22, 2010

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By Forecaster Ryan K., Dundalk, Maryland

"It's time to say goodbye"

8:45 PM TUE 4.6.2010 Well ladies and gentlemen, after forecasting for the best Spring Break locations, the breaks that many students, teachers, parents, and others experienced is winding down and saying goodbye to everyone. I am sure that next year, the zone will return, forecasting for even more places and in a stronger form. Spring break is meant to enjoy, and I hope everyone that hoped to have some time for themselves did so, because many love it this time of year. Tune in next year as the Spring Break Zone will surely be revived. FAREWELL FOLKS! From Forecaster RYAN.

8:30 PM FRI 4.2.2010 In many of our vacation spots which are being forecasted for, the weather this week was very enjoyable, except for the passing shower or two. In this piece of the forecast, I will be issuing 3 day outlooks for the next 3 days (Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.) These forecasts are going to be in textual format unlike the last set because of the shorter period that is being analyzed. The locations that were previously used are the 14 that will be followed up on. Enjoy!

*Note: COP Denotes [chance of precipitation]


South Padre Island, TEXAS
Saturday: Sunny | Hi: 79 | Lo: 71 | COP: 0%
Sunday: Sunny | Hi: 81 | Lo: 69 | COP: 0%
Monday: Mostly Sunny | Hi: 80 | Lo: 72 | COP: 5%

Cancun, MEXICO
Saturday: Mostly Cloudy | Hi: 86 | Lo: 66 | COP: 20%
Sunday: Partly Cloudy | Hi: 85 | Lo: 67 | COP: 10%
Monday: Mostly Sunny | Hi: 87 | Lo: 66 | COP: 5%

Kingston, JAMAICA
Saturday: Partly Cloudy | Hi: 84 | Lo: 75 | COP: 15%
Sunday: Partly Cloudy | Hi: 85 | Lo: 74 | COP: 10%
Monday: Mostly Sunny | Hi: 84 | Lo: 73 | COP: 5%

Saturday: Chance of Showers | Hi: 84 | Lo: 73 | COP: 30%
Sunday: Mostly Cloudy | Hi: 85 | Lo: 75 | COP: 20%
Monday: Slgt Chc of Showers | Hi: 87 | Lo: 76 | COP: 25%

Saturday: Chance of Showers | Hi: 83 | Lo: 74 | COP: 35%
Sunday: Slgt Chc of Showers | Hi: 85 | Lo: 73 | COP: 25%
Monday: Slgt Chc of Showers | Hi: 84 | Lo: 75 | COP: 20%

Saturday: Sunny | Hi: 80 | Lo: 71 | COP: 0%
Sunday: Sunny | Hi: 80 | Lo: 71 | COP: 0%
Monday: Sunny | Hi: 82 | Lo: 69 | COP: 0%

Cocoa Beach, FLORIDA
Saturday: AM Fog/Sunny | Hi: 77 | Lo: 61 | COP: 0% 
Sunday: Sunny | Hi: 81 | Lo: 60 | COP: 0%
Monday: Sunny | Hi: 79 | Lo: 61 | COP: 0%

Fort Lauderdale, FLORIDA
Saturday: Sunny | Hi: 80 | Lo: 71 | COP: 0%
Sunday: Sunny | Hi: 83 | Lo: 69 | COP: 0%
Monday: Mostly Sunny | Hi: 79 | Lo: 69 | COP: 5%

Disney World Resort, FLORIDA *Orlando
Saturday: AM Fog/Sunny | Hi: 83 | Lo: 61 | COP: 0%
Sunny: Sunny | Hi: 84 | Lo: 62 | COP: 0% 
Monday: Sunny | Hi: 87 | Lo: 60 | COP: 0%

Panama City Beach, FLORIDA
Saturday: AM Fog/Mostly Sunny | Hi: 69 | Lo: 57 | COP: 5%
Sunday: Sunny | Hi: 70 | Lo: 56 | COP: 0%
Monday: Sunny | Hi: 74 | Lo: 63 | COP: 0%

Saturday: Sunny | Hi: 78 | Lo: 56 | COP: 0%
Sunday: Sunny | Hi: 79 | Lo: 58 | COP: 0%
Monday: Mostly Sunny | Hi: 80 | Lo: 60 | COP: 5%

Saturday: Partly Cloudy | Hi: 78 | Lo: 67 | COP: 10%
Sunday: Partly Cloudy | Hi: 80 | Lo: 68 | COP: 10%
Monday: Mostly Sunny | Hi: 80 | Lo: 69 | COP: 5%

Lake Havasu City, ARIZONA
Saturday: Mostly Sunny | Hi: 80 | Lo: 56 | COP: 5%
Sunday: Partly Cloudy | Hi: 80 | Lo: 57 | COP: 10%
Monday: Mostly Cloudy | Hi: 74 | Lo: 52 | COP: 15%

Disneyland, CALIFORNIA *Anaheim
Saturday: AM Fog/Partly Cloudy | Hi: 70 | Lo: 51 | COP: 10%
Sunday: Mostly Cloudy | Hi: 65 | Lo: 52 | COP: 15%
Monday: Chance of Showers | Hi: 63 | Lo: 46 | COP: 30%

10:30 PM SAT 3.27.2010
The big week has finally arrived. For most, this is the weekend in which many people are taking their vacations away from home and are enjoying a true "break." For some it couldn't have came any quicker, and is truly a breath of fresh air.

Enjoy these forecasts for 14 great destinations:

If anyone has any locations that they would like to have forecasted, please drop it in the comments and I will make it happen. Thanks!