Monday, October 5, 2015

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That could have been us.

5:30 PM 10/5 - Knowing how close the mid-Atlantic region and Chesapeake Bay came to experience the same catastrophic damage which has befallen on South Carolina, it is our turn to do what we can for them. Many of us have been in those water-logged shoes: Saturated basements after Floyd, wrecked properties after Isabel, crushed roofs after Irene and Sandy. You've been there, you know what it's like to face that overwhelming feeling of where to summon the energy to start recovering. 

SERVING THOSE IN GREATEST NEED. Whether it's Staten Island or New Orleans or Columbia, SC - they're all neighbors and fellow citizens in need of a helping hand. All of us at Foot's Forecast across many states encourage you to consider making a donation to a local or national charity. If your life circumstances permit it, consider going there to volunteer in the field. For starters, the South Carolina Chapter of the American Red Cross is accepting volunteer relief worker applications. 

SUPPORT OPTIONS. Not all of us have the availability to do relief work, but we all can make a donation to assist the effort of Red Cross, Salvation Army and other agencies on site and already at work. Our recommendations include:
When disaster strikes, everyone needs a hand.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

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"The Sun will come out, tomorrow."

10:00 AM 10/4 If Annie were a forecaster, her update could be summed in those six famous words. We know you would love to see these scenes again real soon, and you will. The hurricane is rapidly moving away - but his trajectory will keep us all in a strong northeast flow of 20-25 mph the rest of today. Conditions improve Monday with more sun, less wind and temps in the 60s.

TIDES While the rain has largely ended, tides of 1-2 feet above normal in the central Bay are expected at high tide today, with 2-2.5 feet in the southern Bay. 
Ocean City, MD and surrounding coastal communities will see another 4-5 foot water rise at their mid-day high tide as measured at the Inlet. 
The back bays and smaller inlet areas in the Chesapeake could still see flooding issues as the disruption of tide cycles may continue to interfere with drainage depending on your location. Image source: Wakefield VA NWS Extratropical Storm Surge Coastal Flooding Maps

WAVES The pesky northeast flow will continue pushing waves of 8-10 feet onshore along the Atlantic coast. Wave heights in the southern Bay were reported by NOAA at 3-5 feet. Despite the alarming look of sand washing up on boardwalks in MD and DE, the beach sand retention is fairing well according to local officials - although beach access is closed in many coastal locations. Image source: NOAA Ocean Prediction Center Wind/Wave Analysis.

SAFETY There have unfortunately been at least two fatalities associated with this storm, in Virginia and North Carolina. The Coast Guard stated another 33 people are reported missing from a freight barge that was offshore the southeast coast. For those of us onshore, let's all agree not to go out and hot dog it in the waning hours of the storm. I used to tell students, these days any of us are only 15 minutes away from a life ruined by a Drudge report headline - usually after a storm.

TODAY Still quite windy with isolated showers throughout the Mid-Atlantic. That means any outdoor activity you do today, be wary and mindful of weakened trees and branches, such as when you go walk the dog or start yard cleanup. Readers and forecasters alike have all worked too hard to keep each other safe - and we want everyone to see many more sunrises like this one.

JOIN OUR TEAM If you are a student in high school or college with a passion for weather, or know someone who is, now is a great time to apply for a forecaster position before the winter thrills arrive. We also welcome adult weather enthusiasts with interest in communicating science to the public and working with inspiring young adults. Innovate your future today and make a difference by sharing your passion with a family of fellow scientists! 

The Advisors of Foot's Forecast
Photo by the Maryland Team from the deck of the Atlantic Hotel in Ocean City, MD - sunrise from Labor Day Weekend.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

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Long Days Ahead