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We offer experienced local forecasters & meteorologists who understand your weather and provide you focused, time-efficient weather intelligence.

Get quickly connected by text, Facebook or phone with a team forecaster for short term services during Severe Weather and Winter Storms, or just to take the worry out of your next outdoor event. We offer low rates for "short burst consulting" and without the hassle of complicated monthly plans you don't need! Options include:

  • NEGOTIATED RATES for up to 36 hours of consult at just $13/hour
  • SHORT TERM ADVISING for 6-12 hours at $28/hour 

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When weather is on the move, and you need reliable, local intelligence for decisions affecting thousands of people, or just for your client, we have the solution you need most: Real forecasters with on-site experience. Foot's Forecast LLC provides real-time, site-specific event services & weather consulting,  anywhere you need us, anywhere in the United States.

CEO Rich Foot briefing Baltimore City Mayor Stephanie-Rawlings Blake 
and staff during the October 2012 arrival of Hurricane Sandy

  • With 80 forecasters located in 28 states and the UK, we can provide event managers and coordinators an unmatched on-site advantage far exceeding others in the industry
  • Your clients or managers have committed millions of dollars in a large public event. Why risk that tough weather decision on a $4.00 app? Get the direct, professional support you need, every step of the way, until the last guest has safely exited. Our lead time has maximizes event success for our clients, resulting in a 100% perfect safety record for every single engagement.  

Request a FREE, no-obligation service proposal for your next event or client service: or visit this link to learn how our client engagement process works.

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