Everyone has a passion
Collaborative service powers ours

Severe Weather Forecaster Joey Krastel, on a Plains storm chase
Google him to see how amazing his story has become.  
Being a member of Foot's Forecast is more than a title in social media. 

Your talents and abilities will have wide impact on a readership of 100,000+ who rely on our work every day. Our team advises Emergency Managers and Event Coordinators, and ends up quoted by the media when we least expect it. Professionals across the country will count on your information to make time-sensitive decisions. What's most unique,  they know our reports are from students and young professional building valuable career experience.

First, you must believe. All our forecasters had to start by gaining the confidence to submit an application. What's most exciting is that those same forecasters, after several years on the team, landed the job of their dreams. That's what all this is about - providing venues where you can build career experience with others passionate about weather, but professional in their conduct, so that your future becomes a reality. 

The best part of our team, you get to chase your dreams while serving others and doing what you love with people who share the same passion.

Turn passion into opportunity
Senior Forecaster Mike Natoli advising coordinators and the public during the Bel Air MD BBQ Bash

We welcome applications from those in the workforce seeking a different venue for their talents, from students in high school or college up to those in the professional community or if working from home. It all starts with having the desire to collaborate with others. Our members celebrate each other's effort across the country, and you are welcomed into a family of supportive, multi-talented professional forecasters of all ages.

Why Join Foot's Forecast? 
  • Build a rewarding reputation with a trusted organization.
  • Become eligible for credit internships for those in high school or college 
  • Strengthen your communication skills in print, graphics and public speaking
  • Gain media recognition over time that has benefited dozens of our members
  • Earn access to references from our professional staff to help build your career 
So let's get it started
and start innovating your future today. 

Current and former Leadership Team members at the 2012 New Orleans Conference of the American Meteorological Society. We say "former" because one of them landed a job with the National Weather Service, and the other now works as a meteorologist for a state government. Passion made their stories possible.

Weather Intelligence.


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