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Claudia said...

Hi all, you guys do an awesome job. I have a question, though. on the Central Maryland forecast page, it has forecast from October - about a month ago - it has not been updated for awhile. (

thanks for a great job.

Aunt Grammy said...

A repeat of what Claudia recently wrote. What's up with that? We've come to rely on your wonderful team for the latest in weather news!

Jerry said...

I love the team's efforts, and the product is solid. Unfortunately, I am disappointed that there seems to be some information that makes it to FB before it makes to the standard web pages. The issue with this is that many folks cannot access FB work.

My request is that FF keep doing what they're doing, but ensure that the same time standard applies to product information on the web pages as on the FB pages.

My only other issue is that navigation is not entirely clear. I find myself just clicking through links on anything that would appear to be my region to ensure I have seen all the appropriate information. This reduces my confidence in FF somewhat because I do not always feel like I have the whole picture. Coupled with the inability to get to FB, I am sure I do not have the whole picture during working hours.

Keep up the great work!

Andrea Priest said...

I found this site in fall 2012 and have come to like it a lot. I receive the updates via FB but they are very infrequent. As far as this site, I come for the updates but they are very slow..I feel it isn't as current as it should be to be really reliable in terms of preparedness and changes in patterns/directions, etc. I appreciate your work! Current and frequent updates would be a great boost for your site and following I'm sure. Thanks again.

ritaLOVEStoWRITE said...

Hi Guy and Gals, great job on this site! I have a question about the current Artic Vortex that's hitting the region. How is the shift of Artic air effecting the rest of the world?

logle01 said...

You have the only accurate forecast out there! I have been blown away by all your hard work and amazing accuracy! Great job!

GrannieEv said...

If you're going to have a web page, keep it current. I have a question about the price of the adult hoodie .. is it an extra $20 for 2+ size? Thank you.

Paula said...

I love your website; I check it several times a day. Unfortunately, when I tried to order a sweatshirt a little while ago, it took me to a dead end on the Pay Pal page. Hopefully, someone can fix this so we can all order a sweatshirt and do some advertising for you.