Sunday, February 17, 2019

Innovate Your Future
Become a Forecaster With Us 

Greetings from the Foot's Forecast Team! We appreciate your interest in joining our vibrant and motivated multi-state organization of dedicated forecasters.

Before you consider applying -- we recommend trying a brief fact-check experiment we think you'll find inspiring and motivating:

Simply Google "Foot's Forecast and then click images. Take a look at what shows up, and consider the impact this experience of our team had on the all those people. 

To make your application efficient, follow the 5-step procedure outlined below. We suggest pasting our questions into a separate word document, and insert your responses below each.

When your application is ready, email to Keith Krichinsky, our Chief Continuity Officer (

  • Notify 2 references you will need a written statement from them sent to us anytime after your application has been submitted. Reference statements by email are permitted, and sent to
  • Title your application document “(First Name Last Name) – (Your State) – Application"
  • Length: Two pages is ideal, not more than 3 pages.
  • First, tell us how you developed a passion for science, the outdoors, weather & forecasting.
  • Next, describe in 1-2 paragraphs a weather event which impacted your life.
  • Last, discuss in 1 paragraph how you collaborate with others (such as in the workplace, at home, in school, sports, clubs or volunteer activities)
A bullet list of 2-3 items for each section
  • The geographic region you wish to cover and why;
  • A brief, specific list of skills, talents and innovative background you can offer our readership (abilities in media, videos, music, website, photography, sports, etc.
  • An overview of your academic background, core courses and/or professional training if applicable.
  • A brief list of activities you do outside of weather, and your favorite travel spots.

Provide a 3-day forecast for your multi-county area and mention 3 towns or cities
  • Components: Today, Tonight, Tomorrow, Looking Ahead.  2-3 sentences each.
  • Data points: Projected high and low temperatures, wind speed and direction      
  • NWS advisories: If there is a significant weather event in progress in your area, please include a short note about the latest NWS advisory, a link to the text, and a link to the relevant NWS forecast office.
Examples: In the Facebook search feature, enter "Foot's Forecast" and a variety of  zones will appear. Select any zone in your region and follow the format shown. 
Review process: Your application will be reviewed by college students, high school lead forecasters, professional meteorologists and our advisory team. Our leadership will be seeking to evaluate if you can communicate actionable information to the general public during a complex weather situation with understandable language. 

How not to impress us? By trying to convey how advanced one in weather knowledge by loading up their statement with acronyms and technical terms. Talk to us in plain language and when necessary, illustrate a scientific concept with an analogy or real-life example. 

Have two references submit via email within two weeks of your application.
References can be a two-paragraph letter and include a contact number 
  • If working from home or in the workforceA member of your immediate family or a colleague who can speak to your passion for weather and forecasting.
  • If in college: A Professor, Academic Advisor, or fellow student your same field of study at the same college;
  • If between grades 9-12: Options include a parent or guardian AND a current/former science teacher of yours, another teacher in your school or a coach/administrator. Context of the letter is to know a professional with your school system is aware of your application and can vouch for your eligibility for our team.

You can submit your application before your recommendation letters. 

The writer of your 2-3 paragraph reference letter should include:
  • An example of your passion for weather & science or media & technology 
  • A statement on your professionalism and ability to collaborate in a team 
  • Contact email and phone number for our team if we have questions.

QUESTIONS? Before you apply, email any questions to Keith Krichinsky, our Chief of Continuity & Operations. If interested in further details, we can arrange for a conference call to speak with a Team Advisor and a Lead Forecaster.

We look forward to reading about your passion for weather and forecasting! 

Sunny regards,
The Foot's Forecast Team

Here's a historical tidbit about the team & this picture. Taken at Penn State in March 2013, everyone you see here, all of whom started out as high school forecasters, are now actual degreed meteorologists working either in industry, on television or at a research institution. 

So when will that be your story?


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