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At Foot's Forecast, we use sound, collaborative science to build understanding of weather reported by local forecasters in your community who interpret global complexities, and relate the impacts to everyday decision-making.

We are a "civil society enterprise" to be there for our readers when weather becomes their biggest daily challenge. From across the world, over 500,000 unique, returning visitors to our websites have found our team approach a valuable tool in their decision making. As a result, we have earned loyal readership of nearly 100,000 in social media across North America.

HOW ARE WE DIFFERENT? With forecasters in 15 U.S. states, we can say with confidence we're local, but with an authentic perspective focused on what you need in weather.

Our readers and clients receive site- and community-specific local forecasts one cannot obtain anywhere else. The content is produced by experienced meteorologists and senior forecasters, with a built-in cadre of social-media savvy junior forecasters pursuing atmosphere science. Our experience with readers is one built on earning their trust. 

AUTHENTIC, NOT AUTOMATED. Analyses from computer models are essential tools, but are more effective for our readers when presented in a collaborative manner. Our team approach to forecasting keeps content relevant, accurate and centered on real-time solutions for our clients:
  • Mayors from large cities, emergency managers, event coordinators and the public alike seek our advice for high impact events, and outdoor events.  
  • Parents, students and teachers call us their "go-to source" for local weather, and school officials in Maryland districts rely on our analyses.
  • Event Coordinators: Organizations such as the Bel Air Downtown Alliance, School Districts across Maryland, and the AlliSports/NBC Dew Tour have counted on us during large events, so there are no surprises for them and their customers.

NEED A FORECASTER?   We're available any time or any place you need us. Learn more about our decision services or contact us: team@footsforecast.org

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Robbie Commodari said...

Good evening Foot's Forecast Team, I am a freshman in high school and I want to be a meteorologist one day. How could I possibly get involved in the Foot's Forecast Team?

Foot's Forecast said...

Thanks for your interest, Robbie. Simply visit our site: footsforecast.org and click on the top "JOIN US" tab. Follow instructions there. Forecaster Keith

also from Jackson, MS said...

a key for the map colors would be helpful, especially for those of us from mild climates who are interested in our friends' weather more than our own.