Monday, February 16, 2004

"Well we're movin' on up... to the top, to the deluxe apartment in the sky."

- theme song from the Jeffersons

Just a quick followup to ideas posted earlier. The computer models are starting to "move on up" and several have tomorrow night's Low tracking a little closer to the coast than everyone thought. Two of the primary models used by US forecasters are showing a little more snow than everyone thought.

The only comment I have about the evening weathercasts in the Baltimore area is, they are taking a big chance on the models being totally correct and catching all the details. With the exception of the TV forecasters saying "the way it looks right now..." there was no mention of the fact that IF the storm nudges just a little farther inland, even 50 miles, the major I-95 cities are looking at 6 inches of snow. That's a guaranteed close for most Baltimore metro schools.

I think in these close call situations, you should at least alert the public of the possibility it could be more instead of downplaying it and hoping it all works out.

Roundup of the Baltimore evening TV weather guys early call on snow in the metro area:

Norm Lewis: 1-2 inches
Bob Turk: trace to 1 inch
Tom Tasselmeyer: 1-3 inches
Foot: 2-3 in metro, 3-4 south and east

We shall see who comes out on top. I'll skip a late night post and let the NWS digest the recent model runs. I've seen them, the question is, have they?

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