Monday, February 23, 2004

2/23 LUNCH UPDATE: (11:10 AM)
"Be prepared... that's the Boy Scout marching song, be prepared."

- Unknown artist

Consider it a Mardi Gras Special. A little bit of snow here or there to spice up your transition into Lent. So be prepared for annoying weather. This is not a big storm or even a lot of snow, but it will be an unusual and difficult call by some school districts on Tuesday and Wednesday. Highly unlikely that whatever is coming will give anyone a day off, but a delay or early dismissal is possible somewhere along the way. This is mainly directed at the metro areas of Baltimore and Philly. Central PA could get upwards of 3-4 inches of wet snow out of the same system as it pulls east.

Monday overnight will begin with snow showers north and rain south. Remember snow brings the temperature down with it. So the issue Tuesday morning will be, though the roads are going to be warm so as to prevent sticking, but will be slippery. This will be an on-going slippery situation for as the morning commute begins, secondary roads and sidewalks in all the nooks and crannies of Baltimore, Harford, Cecil, Frederick, Carroll counties will be partially snowcovered. Main roads will be fine.
Accumulations overnight mainly on cars, secondaries, lawns, sidewalks around an inch.

SCHOOL: A delay is possible the farther north you are... Frederick and Carroll I think are a good bet for a delay, as well as Harford and Cecil. In Baltimore County it will depend on how the secondary roads are faring.

Tuesday morning as surface temps warm, snow will try to turn to rain in the city and surrounding areas. But north of the city (Owings Mills/Towson/Perry Hall) on north cold air aloft will have worked in from the west. It's this colder air that will keep the snow from turning to rain. There may be enough persistent snowfall that secondaries get snow-covered again, forcing an early dismissal. Accumulations could reach 2 inches north of the O-T-P line, and inch or less south of that. This will be a tough call as districts may not realize how persistent the snow will be until everyone gets to school.
And even then, it is only half of Baltimore County that will be affected.

Tuesday night, as the storm passes, there is the possibility that we see some wrap-around moisture from the southern system as alluded to yesterday. And overnight temps will fall below freezing, so there could be areas of black ice Wednesday morning. Maybe another dusting up to an inch in scattered areas in the north, closer to an inch in the south.

SCHOOL: 1-2 hour delays are likely with this situation as re-freezing of the slush on secondary roads will be a problem. My sympathies go out to the State Board of Education, because Tue-Wed are supposed to be the MSA's (Maryland State Assessments). This is a huge monkey wrench in the whole plan.

This forecast scenario is directed again at the Philly and Baltimore metro areas. So all of their adjacent northern and western suburbs could be facing 1-2 hour delays or (parents cringe) early dismissals.

And remember, we are still under a CROACUS WATCH as many of you know once the Croacuses start peeping their little heads up, that means one more storm is in the offing.

Now I have to go to the Dundalk High Science Department and find out the results of THE FRUIT CUP!

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