Saturday, February 14, 2004


-David Lee Roth of Van Halen in the album titled 1984

Today's title means that the weather service is resigning itself to the fact that despite their attempts to look for every possible reason why this storm will not happen, it's gonna happen. So we might as well JUMP into the forecast. That is reflected in the recent updates to the NWS links on the left. Philly and Baltimore are now calling for snow Tuesday night and Wednesday.

But you knew that already. Let me issue a "gee, aw shucks" alert and say that the nice comments are very encouraging, I appreciate everyone's input and fun blurbs. Your stories about how people have reacted to this site are so interesting and diverse! I did want to reassure my department chair, Ms. Evans...that yes, Mrs. Foot and I, along with her brother and his wife are going to have an evening out, now that Grandma is here. The fun of this is that with Grandma Kaye here (my mother-in-law), she can watch the baby, my wife helps her, and I'm secretly in a corner blogging. What a great arrangement!

But I digress. A special word of caution to teachers out there, especially those at block-scheduled A-B day schools. Next week is going to be, shall we say, convoluted. Teachers, you had better take work home Tuesday night just in case... but I would be planned for Wednesday if things don't work out where you live. For Baltimore County teachers, remember the general rule of thumb on snowday closings. This is not a BCPS policy, this just seems to be the guideline over the past few years...
4 inches = 1 day out, 8 inches = 2 days out, 12 inches = 3 days out.

The Baltimore-Philly area:
There are more and more indications in the atmosphere that the storm is going to do more than just graze the coast. The problem the forecasters have realized is that if the computer models have already projected a fairly hefty storm rolling up the east coast for Tue night - Thursday, and it is still 5 days away.... what are the chances that the models miss the actual track of the storm by 50 miles? Or 150 miles? That difference turns a coastal grazer (flurries, wind, rain) into a coastal dumper (5-10 inches or more). The current liquid equivalents are again in the .50 to 1.25 range, which is why I can say with confidence that overall snowfall totals from DC-Baltimore-Philly will range 5 to 10 inches depending on how fast it moves. A quick mover is going to drop barely 5 inches, a slow mover will deliver 12 inches in some areas.

Central PA? Sorry charlie, your song title for today would be "From a Distance..." by Bette Midler. Because that's all you're going to get from this one, the chance to watch the storm from a distance.

And to conclude... here is today's tip for beating winter-related stress:

6. For the rare times stores cannot open during a storm, use all those canned goods you've been keeping in the back of the kitchen cabinet. If you go online, you can find many interesting recipes for garbanzo bean and tuna salad, red beet and pumpkin puree. Enjoy those ramen noodles you bought at the 4-for-$1 sale. Remember: Pitted black olives make excellent snacks straight from the can - or you can stuff them with garbanzo beans. Improvise and have fun, the experts say.

Tip # 5 is coming Sunday morning. By tomorrow we should see a Special Weather Statement out by the weather service for the Tuesday night-Wednesday event.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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