Sunday, February 8, 2004


The pattern of snow and ice storms is over for the next 7 days, however we are not likely to see the "February Thaw" take it's place. Temperatures are expected to remain at or a little below normal. That means highs in Baltimore and Philly in the upper 30s to around 40. In Central PA closer to the low-mid 30s.

The next earliest indication of a major storm looks to be the week following President's Day. Sometime after Feb 18. The middle of February is well-known for ... big crippling snowstorms. If it does happen, this looks to be a fast moving, moisture-laden system. Liquid equivalents are well above 1 inch, so if it is snow, it'll be a whopper. But there is an equal enough chance for this to be rain. The reason is due to the storm track this winter has trended through the Ohio Valley, which has delivered 3 successive ice-rain storms in a row for our area. However, computer models are famous for changing their tune daily on something this far out in time.

But there is plenty of time to study this situation if it does develop. It also appears that there will be no repeat of the President's Day Blizzard.

Thank God the quiet weather arrived now. Mrs. Foot and I both got whipped by the flu this past weekend, first me, then her. It gave us new appreciation for single parents, for we both admitted it would be doubly hard for them to manage, especially when they are sick. So I suggest you all rest up and recover yourselves, because one thing we can all be sure about...winter is definitely not over.

Much colder temperatures are set to make a comeback around the 15th, so this quiet, mild period will be short-lived. Hence the title for today's post. So enjoy the peaceful days now.

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