Monday, March 22, 2004

"I'm leavin' on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again..."

- originally sung by John Denver

Thanks to loyal reader Chip for his identification of the artist for today's title.

I recall back in early March when it was nice and warm that I commented on the likelihood of a retaliation later in the month. Maybe someone can check the archives and see when that was.

Whether I commented on it or not, the retaliation is here. Bitter cold tonight in northern MD and PA... lows in a few spots up in the Zone may touch 15 F, with low 20's in Baltimore. Though it is spring, the chill is going to linger one more day. By Wednesday we should be rebounding toward 50, and 60 on Thursday.

However, what goes down must come up. You see how it is this on-going see-saw business? It was too warm in February, so March over-corrected to the cold side, which means that April will fire back with over-warming, which means May will be cooler. So for all you spring breakers who are staying stateside, you may be in for a nice toasty week here at home.

Which leads me to the final comment for the night...and the reason for today's title. On Saturday, April 3, I along with 19 other friends and family members will be heading to British Columbia for Spring Break. We are making a 3,000 mile journey to the largest ski and snowboard resort in North America... Whistler-Blackcomb.

(Oooo, I can just hear the powderhounds drooling.)

Yeah, if you didn't already guess, Mr. Foot and his brother Jeff are big time skiers. We're taking our wives, baby Jayla, our aunt, 4 kids from my homeroom, 4 kids from the Boy Scouts in PA, and a few other motivated snow-hungry hounds out to a place where there is 90 INCHES OF SNOW ON THE GROUND RIGHT NOW.

And you're saying.... "just rub it in, make me feel better already."

The kids will experience 5 days on 2 mountains that soar over a mile into the sky, totaling 7,000 acres of terrain.

The adults will conquer a village that boasts 200 shops and restaurants, and more adventure activities that there are days in a month.

The trip is sponsored by the Dundalk Adventure Booster Club, a parent-student travel group that formed out of the Dundalk High Ski and Snowboard Club.


Because one of the advantages of being a loyal reader is that you will receive the exclusive inside details on the NEXT BIG TRIP in case you'd like to join us in the future. Plus you get to follow the daily adventures of this hardy crew as they trek across the nation. Below are website details on this trip and plans for the next several ones.

Because we are now into major trip preparation mode, I will only be able to post to the forecast site every other day. And expect no posts from Friday 4/3 until Saturday 4/10.

If you have wanderlust in your blood, the Dundalk Adventure Booster Club is dreaming up some incredible trips to great destinations all around the world. There are plans for a Six Flags trip for the kids, a possible journey to Cedar Point in Ohio one of these days, and also a Windjammer Cruise in the Caribbean. If you have the motivation, we'll take you there, wherever there ends up being. All you need is a heartbeat and money.

April 2006: Zermatt, Switzerland (or Whistler again)
June-July 2008: Portillo, Chile
February 2010: Whistler/Vancouver 2010 Olympics

Check out our websites for great pics and details:

We will be posting hundreds of pictures daily on these sites during the trip.

Feel free to ask questions on the comment feature... it is never too early to start planning for the NEXT BIG TRIP!

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