Wednesday, March 3, 2004

"You gotta know when to hold up, know when to fold up, know when to walk away, know when to run..."

- Kenny Rogers, The Gambler

Quick post tonight as I am tired and it is late (for me.)

I think this time next week we will be officially folding up the snow shop for this winter in the I-95 corridor. Granted it will not rocket to 75 degrees and stay there. If anything you will not see a discernable warming trend for most of March. But what happened last spring I think we will see again....

March and April got confused with each other... it was too warm too early, so April retaliated with persisent cold rains and wind for a good part of the month. Last March started super cold, then got real warm real quick, then the paybacks came in April.

Well we are already on schedule to have Pete and Repeat as our starting runners for this Spring's "Track" Team. Meaning that starting Sunday morning we go back into to fridge for most of next week. And then a series of storms will track across the area, leaving us wetter, colder and less happy.

The LAST shot I see at measurable snow along 95 will be the middle of next week. After that I think the ocean and bay will be too warm for any snow to materialize out of coastal storms. There are still going to be several coastals, but they will result in mountain and upstate PA snow.

That's why I say we'll be singing Kenny's song by next Wednesday. Henceforth we can look forward to first calls on Thunderstorms and the ever-important Hurricane Season forecast.

You thought I was ballistic with winter storms, just you wait until we get another hurricane brewing.

Thursday I'll do a first call on the weekend and next week.

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