Friday, August 13, 2004


Charley is turning a little more east of north, which will send the storm more on a path into Fort Myers and the area just north of it. Tampa Bay will still receive a storm surge in excess of 10 feet. All airports in Florida are closing at 3:00 PM. All theme parks in central Florida are closed as of 1:00 PM. Rumors had it that even Mickey was cowering under palm trees beneath the big "Spaceship Earth" ball-thing in Epcot Center.

With max winds now 125 mph, and a northward motion of 20 mph, and gusts to 150 mph, that means some areas in the brunt of the storm will receive a combined total effect of 150+20= 170 mph, which is well inside Category 5 status. National Hurricane Center is about to revise their wind speed report which will place Charley as a Category 4 hurricane.

With Charley now making a more southerly landfall, this spells big trouble for the Carolinas and the Chesapeake Bay. It is unlikely to make a rapid curvature out to sea. If the storm re-emerges on the north Florida coast still as a hurricane, it will be given time to re-intensify as it heads north to the Mid-Atlantic.

Tropical Storm Watches now extend to Pamlico Sound in North Carolina
Coastal Flood Watch posted for portions of the Chesapeake Bay.

Latest computer models indicate the storm will curve more to the east, and stay closer to the coast. That means all interests along the Eastern Seaboard from Georgia to New York City should maintain a close watch on the movement of this storm.

With the increased wind speeds, T.S. Watches and Warnings will be likely be posted for the southern Chesapeake Bay by nightfall Friday, and the entire Bay area by Saturday morning. Hurricane Watches will be extended to Norfolk, VA. The storm is projected to remain at tropical storm force (sustained winds in excess of 40 mph) all the way to the PA border.

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