Sunday, September 19, 2004


It was one year ago this weekend that many of us in the Mid-Atlantic dealt with this devious monster as she kept us guessing on her final destination. Some thought right up the Chesapeake, others thought out to sea. In Maryland, residents of eastern Baltimore County, Anne Arundel County and others along the Bay, this was the first significant tropical system to directly affect this region since the 1933 hurricane. We all learned many lessons, about the dangers of storm surge, the risks of not evacuating, or leaving too late, and the importance of flood insurance.

For those of us who were impacted by this storm, (and those who were not), our hearts and prayers go out to all the suffering people of Florida who have had their faith challenged this summer. Many who read this site know what it is like to be faced with starting over after a storm.

As time moves forward, it helps to process our recollections of these community-wide events. You are encouraged to share a story or recollection if you wish in the comments. It can be a memory of Isabel's wrath, or if you are in or know someone in storm-ravaged Florida, your experiences give our readers a perspective on what it is like to survive Mother Nature's worst.

There are signs the 2004 hurricane season may begin to calm down after Jeanne.. let' s hope so, as many Americans need time and peace to put their lives back together.

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