Tuesday, January 11, 2005


As you already know, a major pattern break is coming, along with a 30 F temperature drop this Friday for the Northeast. Snow? Maybe flurries or a touch of light snow in the mountains of central PA/western MD as the front passes, but rain along the coast Thursday night and Friday.

Super cold this coming weekend, highs not getting out of the 20's and 30's for most areas north of DC. Lows in teens to single digits in outlying areas. Snowpack areas of the I-80 corridor may flirt with zero again.

Then next week, the real setup begins. The forecast model above indicates .25 to .50 liquid precip over the I-95 corridor for next Saturday 1/22, preceded by .25 on Friday, and followed by .25 on Sunday. That adds up to about 1.0 liquid, which if it pans out, means roughly 10 inches falling out of the sky for the areas in blue and green. That is not to say 10 inches of snow WILL be on the ground, it is an early indication that the pattern is setting up for nor'easters to develop which could be the start of a 1-2 week period of storminess to take us into February. By early next week, I'll have a better idea of how this storm will look.

When I get a snowfall estimate map available, I will post it in the next couple days. Enjoy the summer preview, for winter is about to strike back hard.

Oh I can just hear the powderhounds howling now.

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