Sunday, April 10, 2005



That's the picture we've been waiting for...gorgeous sunshine, light breezes and cherry blossoms. What a wonderful weekend it has been, a nice reward for the tough times of late. There will be a cool down over the next few days, with some splatterings of rain here and there. The good news is that as the temperature stays a bit below normal, this lowers the likelihood of severe weather as day and night contrasts are not as great. So unless you are an allergy sufferer, in which case the worse days are coming up, get out there and enjoy it! I hope the flowers are blooming where you are too.


Hannah said...

Yesterday was so nice that I spent just about the entire day outide. My siblings and I went to the driving range where I broke a golf club because I swung too hard and the head flew off. I am now known as "the beast" among those people. Then we went and played basball until the sun went down. It was a very good day. I hope the lot of you had a day just as enjoyable. Today is so very nice also so I am off to run around outside some more. Have a good day all!

Julee said...

STUNNING photo Mr. Foot! It looks like the front of my school -- only we having flowering plums.
BEAUTIFUL weekend thank you! And HELLO ... let's hear it for DENVER!
THAT'S the kind of spring I'M talking about!

linda said...

Great picture Mr.Foot. Spring is such a great time to see everything waking up from it's long winters nap. Now that the weather is nice, don't have much time to write, as the yardwork begins!! In my next life I'll be rich and be able to pay someone to do it!!!And then I'll just sit back and enjoy. I wish I knew how to put pictures on, as I have great pictures of a hurricane (that didn't hit the Jersey coast) but affected it a couple of years ago. The pictures are absolutely awesome, and I wish I could share them. In my next life maybe I'll be computer literate too!!!Have a great day all. Lm Bucks county

E.H. Boston said...

Yesterday the unthinkable happened...IT SNOWED...HEAVILY for a time with a SKIM COATING!!!

WOW!!! Did not see that one coming, my son's baseball team played through the literal whiteout for the entire game. AMAZING!!!

Snowed for about 3 hours with a 20 minute timeframe where it was really coming down hard...and the cars were frozen solid this morning. Couldn't even open the car doors, frozen shut. Oh well, that is behind us now...

Looking at the 7 day and the projected high for next Wednesday is in the MID 80'S!!!

School vacation week and we will be seeing summer.

Over and out and hopefully yesterday was the last time we saw snow.

Foot's Forecast said...

Wow EH the hits just keep on coming. You guys and your weather just amaze us. Snow one week, 80 the next.

It does appear that next week we are going to finally hit our stretch of solid warm weather for most of the Northeast, and I am looking forward to it.

Foot's Forecast said...

Linda..I am working this summer on a way for everyone to post photos of storms, etc on our site. I think I will create our own private gallery to which you can post weather pictures for others to use, but only "registered users" on this site would have the password. Then anyone can see your pics, but only you can change, add or delete. I'll let you know when I have it established.

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