Saturday, February 17, 2007


Come On Admit It - You Miss This

26.4" in Burlington, Vermont from Valentine's Day SuperKahuna #1. Yes, those are cars. Enough to make a Mid-Atlantic-bound powderhound cry. View the rest of this gallery from Vermont's biggest one-day snowfall ever. Can you believe the absoutely perfect timing of this storm, arrives just days before one of the biggest ski weekends of the year? Just imagine what it must be like on Castlerock in Sugarbush, Chin Clip at Stowe, and Ulee's Gold way up at Jay Peak. Heck, if you're going that far north, might as well stop over to the double-black diamond bonanza at Celestial in Sunday River, Maine. Come to think of it, wonder how Whistler is doing?

Sunday River

True East Coast powderhounds will always hold solemn remembrance of this weekend, when 4 years ago, the snowstorm of your dreams moved from fantasy into the pages of history.

The event now known to the ages simply as "PD II"


I'll never forget this as long as I live. After 8 hours on the PA Turnpike in PD II (pales in comparison to those poor souls on I-81 and I-78 though), I arrive in Dundalk to this on Sunday afternoon 2/16/03 at 3PM:


And the next morning, looking up my street toward the school, was this:


(and my wife thought we'd be in school the next day!)


Julee said...

HOKIE SMOKES Bullwinkle!
Is all of that BLUE on the Mid-Atlantic radar headed OUR way?
No snow in Sudbrook Park ... yet.

Anonymous said...

I havent looked yet Julee... dont wanna get my hopes up.... those pictures Mr. Foot posted will have to suffice I s'pose....

Foot's Forecast said...

Evenin' y'all ::fake southern accent::

I was looking over some old comments, especially back in December when I was OTL apiece. Such interesting diatribe back then, loved the part where Julee went on to correct dear Ray. What did happen to Ray? I miss his analysis, must have been lovin' life in SNE with this storm.

Will try on Sunday to add some additional fun features to the site including a photo gallery section where all y'all can upload pics of storm action in your town.

I also will try to publish the poststorm report, what went right and wrong with SK # 1 and compare my forecasts to results.

By Monday night, I will revisit the potential for SK # 2 next week (Feb 22-23) and a possible SRK 3 (SuperRainKahuna) for shortly thereafter, as indicated by the GFS and Henry Margusity. Until then, the models are in mayhem as usual in this Day 5-6-7 period so will let things quiet down.

While we are moving toward a climatologically unfavorable time for snowstorms, some hum-dingers have happened in the Feb 20-March 20 period:

March 1888 NYC+NE
March 1958 Mid Atlantic
Feb 22, 1987 Mid-Atlantic+ NE
Mar 13-15, 1993 Georgia to Maine
(who could forget that one!)
Mar 5, 2001 SuperBomb/Dud

Will Feb 2007 deliver another KO to the NE. Time will tell, and soon so stay tuned!

crazedsnowboarder said...

Only a small dusting of snow so far today out in White Hall

terpguy said...

Looks like everybody is taking a break today.

Mr. F- the ETA has a shot of precip overnight Tues/Wed, and the 540 line is down at the Potomac River.

The NWS is calling for temps in the 30's, however.

Much (or a little) to do about nothing?

Andy, Southern York County PA said...

Winter as far as snow is concerned is over. Back to my cave until next winter!