Saturday, December 8, 2007


The Best Weather Duel(t) In History

Check back later this weekend for a preview of our upcoming holiday weather forecast. The 2 week period leading up to Christmas is going to feature a major battle between the 2 most famous siblings of Mother Nature's family: Heat Miser and Snow Miser. The battlelines have already been drawn by a stationary front emblazoned on the weather map from the Mid-Atlantic back to Missouri. All this week, the front and it's 2 opposing air masses on either side will create an on-going series of disputes between the misers. South of Baltimore, it appears that Heat Miser is going to win out for a while and limit Snow Miser's incursions to the Mason-Dixon line on north. However moving into the week before Christmas, it appears increasingly likely that Snow Miser will marshal his minions and make a charge into Heat Miser's territory. The final clash could very well result in one more snow event for the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast in the 12/17-18 period that may even whiten the ground all the way to "Southtown, U.S.A."

To find out where that really is, or for a trip down memory lane about the story behind the 2 "misers" and their appearance in the vintage 1970's holiday classic The Year Without A Santa Claus, enjoy this excerpt from the movie on Youtube. You remember the tune... "I'm Mr. White Christmas, I'm Mr. Snow..."


Julee said...

WOW! SOMEbody got up early this morning!
Great look!

What is the possibility that the "Mason Dixon Line" could move south this week?

Foot's Forecast said...

Thanks Julee. That's what you get when the site author doesn't monitor Saturday Detention for once in a blue moon!

As for the MDL, I heard Congress was introducing legislation to have it relocated to the MD/VA border. That should do the trick and then MD gets all the snow, right?

Trying to figure out how to add an image hosting feature so everyone can post storm images or even of themselves if they want. If anyone has ideas or knowledge on this, I would be grateful for your input.

Will be out rest of the day, so can't post or comment until this evening. See you all then.

Mr. Brisko said...

Can't even get an ice storm. :(

Anonymous said...

AHHH.. loved that catchy lil tune "whatever I touch melts in my clutch"... Good stuff! Speaking of melting..all the snow is gone! Accuweather shows all the weather-related precip to our north. Looks like E.H. will be smiling - is there no smiling in our future!?

What about the GAME forecast for tonight's FOOTBALL IN AMERICA!? Take the rain ponchos with me?

Foot's Forecast said...

needasnowday.. if I were going to the game tonight would definitely
-wear multiple layers
-have a poncho/wind breaker
-battery powered socks
-face mask
-gloves with little holes in the -end for managing my 60 oz. mega mug of scalding hot chocolate
-russian wool cap

Can you tell I don't like to be cold? I don't MIND cold, just like to stay warm.

This week... heat miser wins
Next week... hmmmmmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

CHECK -wear multiple layers
CHECK -have a poncho/wind breaker
CHECK -battery powered socks
CHECK -face mask
CHECK -gloves with little holes in the -end for managing my 60 oz. mega mug of scalding hot chocolate
uhh.. does a RAVENS SANTA HAT count as a substitute?? russian wool cap


Mr. Brisko said...

18Z GFS Flattens the Eastern us

snow lover said...

Yeah how much snow would it be for mD i am so excited already. could it be like 2003??? any ones thoughts

Mr. Brisko said...

0Z. Holy cow. Foot where are you??

Anonymous said...

I am guessing that Mr. Foot is knee-deep in getting midterm grades prepared!? When will we be knee-deep in SNOW!?!? :)

ANDY Southern York County, PA said...

It really does flatten the East Coast. If this were to come true it would be like 20-30 inches of snow. I REALLY DOUBT THIS WILL VERIFY! BUT WOW IF IT DOES!!!

E.H. Boston said...

Mr. Foot...

What do you think about the Thursday event?

Anonymous said...

Nor'Easters.. Olga... dayum near 80degrees in Richmond VA.. what next??

BTW, the link that Mr. Foot provided - 680 WCBM with Justin Berk and Tony Pann is pretty cool too! Berk has a poll up right now about 'weather' (pun intended) or not to post predictions... vote away!

Am anxious to see what Mr. Foot has to say about what lurks ahead!

Foot's Forecast said...

Hi all, I wrote a comment last night but it was apparently glitched away by the computer.

I have been monitoring the model crystal ball...and see all the prediction pandemonium.,

but am very busy with decorating, building Xmas traditions with 2 little ones etc.

Will attempt to post tonight, I have put together an overview of the Weekend Storm.

EH.. Thursday storm has great potential to surprise you I think. I did say earlier you'd be in for 2 major events. The bigness of this storm might be in the ice department though. I'm sure folks in the MidWest would be happy to send some of theirs elsewhere.

E.H. Boston said...

Really ice? Seems like our main problem with this one will be if it even hits us...

Many are jumping off the GFS wagon and saying its wrong and siding with the NAM saying SNE gets nada Thursday night...a shame...NYC and PA will do nice...

E.H. Boston said...

Sorry, first time posting here...nice site. I don't think SNE needs to worry about ice Thu though...cold will be here...whether or not the storm makes it this far north is the big ?

South-central PA into NW NJ and maybe NYC will see up to 6" from lucky ....

Hopefully 0z suites tonight show better news for SNE.

Foot's Forecast said...

Welcome Andrew! Your comments from the north are always welcome. I was initially thinking ice with the possibility of overrunning, but you're right, I now see there'll be plenty of cold air at surface and aloft for a mostly snow event Thu-Fri. Ice potential could be greater farther south near the frontal boundary.

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