Saturday, September 13, 2008


Ike in Houston 2

Waves over the Memorial

FRIDAY 9:30 PM. poignant image of waves crashing just below the memorial to the 1900 Galveston Hurricane. With perhaps 20,000 people remaining in the island city right now, it will truly be a miracle if the death toll and final damage bill does not exceed that of Katrina. Consider this: If 8 feet of water has already flooded many densely populated areas, and that is NOT part of the expected 20 foot surge, then this will eclipse the New Orleans Nightmare. Given the catastrophic nature of this entire situation, I think quite likely you are looking at the new Storm of the Century. I believe this image below says it all:

Early onset of flooding in the "seawall city" that has survived 108 years of nature's fury, so far.

Flooding begins

FRIDAY 6:00 PM. With the hurricane's center just under 200 miles from shore, waves and surge have already brought some parts of Galveston under 4 to 6 feet of water. For up-to-the-minute reports on Galveston, Houston and Ike's impacts on the Texas Coast, keep an eye on the Chronicle. You can also see the latest pictures and area webcams. Since this is an ever-changing situation, I will not be attempting a constant stream of updates. Now we just wait and pray for the safety of those in it's path.
Ike Radar 7PM

Ike Radar 6PM Friday


Anonymous said...

If anyone has DirecTV.. channel 361 has complete coverage... it has been prtty good so far...

God Bless the folks in Ike's path..

Foot's Forecast said...

Based on the radar, it appears the eye is contracting and the winds will likely increase. Sure is a good thing this storm is running out of water. If it had another 12 hours.. I cringe to think at what that might have done. Though what is about to happen may be billed as the worst storm in modern Texas history, eclipsing 1983's Alicia and even 1961's Carla.

terpguy said...

Wasn't that a mighty day?
Wasn't that a mighty day?
Wasn't that a mighty day, great God, that mornin'
When the storm winds swept the town?

Galveston, 1900

...may this not be a repeat.

Anonymous said...

Galveston has no power now... buoy's showing gusts up to 60 now...

Anonymous said...

This monster is 600 MILES WIDE!! Good gracious....

Foot's Forecast said...

Signing off for the night, may God have mercy on their souls. I hope those of us not in the storm's path have learned how dangerous horrific these events of nature can be, and that not heeding evacuation orders in the face of so much danger is a hard lesson to be learned. Hopefully not with their lives.

terpguy said...

0830 EDT

My friend outside of Houston made a joke on another forum that her boyfriend was "snoring on the bed" and it's "much better than it was 3 hours ago."

Very, very glad to hear that.