Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pre-Winter Website Evaluation

3:30 PM SATURDAY 11/14/09. Before we reach the winter season, there are several important changes which may be made to increase instructional value and relevance of this site to educators, students and the Mid-Atlantic community. This is a formal request to create from our readership a temporary peer review group, the members of which will conduct an objective evaluation of this site on it's educational merits. Further details about the purpose and process will be provided by email to those interested in participating. If you wish to assist now and do not need additional details, please download this 1-page evaluation report. To receive this as a Word document or PDF, follow the simple instructions to create an account in for access. Please indicate in the comments if you plan to join the website review group. Thank you for your help with enhancing the rigor and relevance of this site to student achievement.

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