Saturday, January 30, 2010

Kahuna Checkmate

10:30 AM SATURDAY 1.30.2010  Powderhounds in the eastern United States are being served two special items on Mother Nature's menu: Friday 1.29 featured the largest full moon of the year, concurrent with a massive and historical snow/ice storm which at one point yesterday stretched from Kansas to Virginia. National Weather Service offices in Sterling, VA and Mount Holly, NJ have hoisted warnings and advisories for the much of the eastern Mid-Atlantic region including the Baltimore-Washington metro areas, portions of southern New Jersey, and the eastern shore of Delaware, Maryland. Anyone have good recipes on how to cook crow?

Even more stunning to true "airdog" powderhounds is this incredible map from the Wakefield, VA NWS forecast area. When was the last time you say THE ENTIRE FORECAST AREA just one solid color? As they would say on Saturday Night Live: Really? Really. Just as stunning I'm sure will be the images from the 10 AM Polar Bear Plunge in Annapolis, MD. Click on that link at your own bone-freezing risk.
BY 9:00 AM in southern Maryland/Washington, DC metro
BY 11:00 AM in central Maryland/Baltimore metro
BY 1:00 PM across lower eastern shore counties of MD/VA
*11pm analysis of 700 mb shortwave tracking by Forecaster "Snowlover"

Lead forecaster Ryan K. will be posting updates in the Winter Stormcast Zone, including maps and snowfall projections throughout the region. These startlingly few words for a Saturday morning do not reflect the 2+ hours the forecast team devoted to this storm last night. Oh, and the night before, and the night before, and... so our high school and college stormcasters have poetic license aplenty to say: Checkmate to any naycasters out there.


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