Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mid-Atlantic to Mother Nature:
    "Do you really want to hurt me?"  
- Culture Club, in the 1982 single of the same title

3:00 PM WED 2.10.2010  The National Weather Service raised total storm accumulations for many metro and inland areas under the grip of this storm, with final amounts from 20 to 36 inches across the I-95 corridor. Blizzard warnings were extended to 10 PM from Maryland south and until 4 AM in PA and NJ. It appears the low pressure center off the New Jersey coast may be stalling, accessing unexpectedly higher amounts of moisture off the Altantic. We project heavy snow may continue until at least 8:30 PM in MD/VA, near 12 AM in PA, and taper in early morning hours across NJ and NY.


3:20 PM WED 2.10.2010   VIEW OUR FINAL PROJECTED SNOWFALL through midnight tonight for all regions we forecasted in the Mid-Atlantic. Current snow-to-liquid ratio as of 3:20 PM today = 20:1 given .04" of moisture and ~1.5" accumulation in 1 hour.
LIQUID DATA HPC Day 1 QPF | 7AM - 1AM GFS 18-hour | NAM 18-hour


TEAM TIPS FOR YOUR SAFETY  Do not venture out in multi-hour whiteout conditions.  REMAIN INDOORS, DO NOT DRIVE. If you go out to clear your step, make sure someone inside knows your location. Organize your supply of non-perishable food. Keep handy working flashlights and batteries and cell phone fully charged. Avoid use of candles. Do not shovel snow off your roof, for this will create a much greater risk of injury or death.

GAS RANGES & BACKUP HEAT The team suggests that gas heat SHOULD NOT be used other than to warm food. We do not recommend allowing your gas range top or oven to operate for an extended period of time. Homes with poor ventilation might experience increased levels of Carbon Monoxide.

USE OF GENERATORS Common sense suggests that a generator MUST be placed at least 20 feet outside the home, or under permanent open-air, ventilated cover. DO NOT place in a basement, closed garage or other area of poor ventilation.

TEAM UPDATES As events unfold and advisories change, please monitor the comments and our facebook page for latest team reports. This site will update hourly; when reporting observations, please post your city, state and time.

Our forecast team's SNOWFALL PROJECTIONS
Download for scoring our "STORM GRADE" AMOUNTS

Billion Dollar Blizzard ?

11:30 PM TUESDAY 2.9.2010 Not a person's life in the Mid-Atlantic has gone untouched from the far-reaching impact of our recent SuperKahuna, only to face an even worse event on a scale so extreme that it deserved it's own moniker: Kahunamageddon. When the final tally of both recent storms are made, it could exceed a billion dollars in damage and loss of economic activity.

The residents of Cape May County, NJ, suffering without power since Saturday, have new appreciation for what the people of Haiti are going through. So we only make light of our situation as a reminder that even if your road is not plowed, or you've lost electricity, each person reading this does have a roof over their head (for now.)

Unless your funny bone was broken while shoveling, please enjoy this clever video twist from Shine 95.1 FM's Jack & Erin on the long-honored term "Kahuna" as established by this site to represent a major winter storm.

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