Saturday, February 20, 2010

"I see skies of blue,
and clouds of white"
- Louie Armstrong in the 1968 single What A Wonderful World

11:00 AM SAT 2.20.2010  Finally, a "nice" weekend as our central Maryland forecasters are saying for those in the Eastern U.S. This is the first normal weekend since January 15-17 for those east of the Mississippi. Why? You're not dealing with a major winter storm: Either preparing for one, or cleaning up the aftermath. For our situation now, Louie Armstrong could have added a little ditty about "...clouds of white, watching for black ice that formed overnight!" ; For now, it is a wonderful world considering this track record of the past 4-5 weekends in the east:

Jan 22-23 Mid-Atlantic/Northeast storm is much ado about nothing; 1
Jan 29-30 I-40 Big Kahuna snow on Dixie, "surprises" Mid-Atlantic; 2
Feb 5-6 SuperKahuna pounds Mid-Atlantic with blizzard # 1: 20-30"; 3
Feb 12-13 Mid-Atlantic still overwhelmed from Feb blizzard # 2; 4
Feb 20 Friend- "How's Baltimore?"  You- "Well, it's not snowing!" 5

WHAT ABOUT NEXT WEEKEND THEN?   By that time, the Ohio Valley, Mid-Atlantic and Northeast will have been smacked with TWO more winter storms: A mostly rain event Sunday night into Monday, with a potentially much snowier system Wednesday into Friday. Updated details in the Winter Stormcast Zone later today.

MEDIA THANKS   Team kudos to Reporter Bill Gates for a wonderful article about storm phemon Ryan, the Forecast Team and Mr. Foot in this week's edition of The Eagle in Dundalk, MD. Special thanks also go to News Anchor Jeff Salkin and the producers of Maryland Public Television for last weeks interview (video link). Other local papers in Maryland may soon feature stories on the team and those amazingly accurate "Crossroads kids" from the Baltimore County Public Schools. We will credit those articles right here.

FOOTNOTES View our Storm Grade Report for Winter 2009-10
1- Forecast Team busted on this storm, but Crossroads students did not;
2- Thu 1/28 I-40 Big Kahuna Forecast accuracy: 70% C (19 cities: Tulsa to Richmond);
3- Thu 2/4 Crossroads students predicted 25.6" for BWI. Actual: 24.8" = 96.8% A;
4- Tue 2/9 11:00 AM Team forecast of 14-22" for Mid-Atlantic. MD grade: 80.7% B;
5- During the mild snow hiatus, would be wise to clear storm drains and sidewalks.

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