Thursday, February 11, 2010

Whistler of the East?

3:45 PM FRI 2.12.2010 
Based on snowfall records in the Mid-Atlantic, readers here suggested that Baltimore and the I-95 corridor could serve as an alternate location for future Winter Olympic games.

Having visited Whistler-Blackcomb twice, I attest: It is snowy there
For snow today, check out the newly released Dixie Kahuna Zone.
Snow in Pensacola, FL? Facebook it up with your southern friends!

ANOTHER STORM? Snowiest days of the year are arriving, and we did promise powderhounds* a "Fantastic February." The good news is next week will probably feature just one Kahuna, a stark improvement from TWO blizzards over five days, huh? *Scroll to second section "Have we got plans for you"
1-24-2010 post for original time frame projection of winter weather.

HPC's liquid equivalent projections show a general .25 to .50 inches of moisture available by Monday across the Mid-Atlantic. A short-wave diving southeast from central Canada may rapidly intensify near the coast. If specific liquid forecasts for Dulles or BWI  are calculated using >20:1 ratios, our preliminary projections are 6" or more by Tuesday noon across much of the I-95 corridor from Washington to Philadelphia.   By tomorrow all data and discussions on this upcoming event will be reorganized into the Kahunacast Zone. We will being assembling early snowfall accumulation ideas for selected cities.

Discussions from Hydrometeo Prediction Center (HPC) / NWS:

YOUR FORECAST TEAM I wish to publicly recognize and thank the snowtastic work of YOUR Forecast Team. These tireless powderhounds put in several all nighters of their own accord to keep all of us ahead of the storm. In between midnight shoveling, Winterman held forth on Facebook, PasadenaMatt and Advisor Andy stayed with the comment community; Advisor TerpGuy reported snow ratios; Dakota posted video updates;  Ryan K. churned away snowfall projections, and Zak Brisko provided on-going data and computer model charts. Karl Jackson covered storm forecasts for northern Virginia and also joined the "all nighter team."

It has been an honor to work with these fine gentlemen during this historic week. We look forward to formally welcoming Christine McEnrue of Penn State University as she assumes the forecasting mantle for our new southeastern Pennsylvania zone. Let the games begin! - Forecaster Foot

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