Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Looking Like March Madness ?
9:30 PM TUE 3.2.2010 
For the Mid-Atlantic and the Carolinas, model projections shifted northwest today at onset of the storm and radar trends agree. More precipitation looks to fall than was forecasted for this evening into tonight across the region. The forecast team believes that light to moderate snow will develop or continue from central Virginia into southeast PA overnight. Due to road surfaces temperatures around 40 F, while 3 inches of snow may fall, perhaps one inch of slushy snow may accumulate on roads. Areas to expect wet snow accumulation: Grassy and non-paved surfaces; some bridges and overpasses. We will continue to update you on this storm throughout this evening as it tries to vy for a position playing "power forward" right before the playoffs! ~Forecasters Dakota, Brisko and Winterman

12:45 PM Carolinas & S.Mid-Atlantic: Cold air filtering in from a large high pressure system in the Midwest and the departing Atlantic low is keeping a wide swath of the southeastern states in a colder than anticipated regime. In response, the National Weather Service has been expanding Warnings and Advisories across the region. For those in the affected areas, Forecaster Daniel Ross from Atlanta, GA is keeping close tabs on the situation and has quasi-hourly updates in the Georgia Zone for the duration of this storm.  

8:00 AM TUE 3.2.2010  Just because the radar looks ominous and Winter Weather Advisories are doing a full court press on the Southeast does not mean this is a first round of Winter's March Madness. Except for high elevation areas of western North and South Carolina, far northeast Georgia, those advisories are largely for tonight; even then for 1-2 inches of snow on trees, grassy surfaces and cars. Like much of the Mid-Atlantic tonight, wet snow may fall, but won't stick to roadways. Why? The early March sun angle can be compared to mid-October. That's enough daytime heating to negate at first glance what might appear to be a looming winter storm.

HELP IS ON THE WAY   The projected jet stream flow by Saturday suggests big improvements are en route to the eastern U.S. This weekend will be our first long run into the 50's the Mid-Atlantic has seen this winter. Even parts of the northeast turn sunny, and the southeast will finally relish in a nicer weekend as well.

SO WE'RE DONE WITH SNOW ?  As climate collaborator-science teacher Ms. Abrahms noted, she's "proceeding with caution" into the next several weeks. Though a knock-down, drag-out blast like the March 1993 Superstorm is extremely unlikely, it can be a challenging month weatherwise for "Spring-a-lings" yearning to see the daffodils popping.

NEW FORECAST ZONE Please give a warm spring welcome to Forecaster Ms. Christine McEnrue, from the team of Penn State meteorology students devoting time from their busy college schedules to cover new zones for you across the Mid-Atlantic. We are excited to have her keeping a watchful eye on southeast Pennsylvania weather.

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