Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"Tell me can you feel it...the heat is on!"

6:00 AM TUESDAY 4.6.2010 
With today marking the return of most families to a regular schedule following Spring Break, our headline probably speaks to many corners about the week and months ahead. A summer-like pattern has turned on the heat across the eastern U.S., with a frontal boundary draped over the Great Lakes. Highs today in many areas will reach or exceed 80 F by mid-afternoon. The western Atlantic surface high will feed Gulf moisture through the eastern U.S., setting off occasional bursts of severe weather in the Midwest and Ohio Valley. The eastern seaboard is likely to be spared any significant severe weather outbreaks for the next 36 hours.

Those working outdoors, in second floor school buildings with no A/C, or in after school sports will begin feeling the heat and rising humidity. Coaches and athletes alike: It's time to get back in the habit of hydrating frequently. We're also watching weather for Major League Season Openers, so check your regional forecast zones in the left sidebar on who hits 90 F first today.

Another place turning hot is the expansion of this website. We are fired up to welcome new contributers to our team of citizen forecasters. Student meteorologists Nick Scirico at North Carolina State University and Daniel Ross at Georgia Tech are steaming ahead with development of a Facebook forecast page for the Tri-State Region (NJ, NY, CT). Nick is originally from Albany, NY. NC State students Drew D. and Erik P. are helping launch a forecast zone for the entire Carolinas. In the Mid-Atlantic, Forecasters Ryan Krimm and new forecaster Aaron Salter launched "the Bayshore" for eastern Maryland and Delaware, Greg Jackson pitched forward the Birdland Zone and Jason M. moved on a new Facebook forecast page for the Capital Region. We're also turning up the temp from the southern Chesapeake to the tropics with exciting developments soon to set sail. Winter was just rehearsal for the team you can count on every day of the year. ~Forecaster Foot

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