Saturday, March 26, 2011

"...and the beat goes on..."
Sonny and Cher, 1967

0340- 27 March, 2011


A series of storms from The Pacific continues to impact the Northwest, generating bands of snow across that area and continuing inland into the Great Basin and the Northern Rockies. Rain will continue in the lower elevations. The first system will reach the Central Rockies by early Sunday.

Snowfall in the California Mountains could exceed 10 inches with some areas receiving 12. Parts of Idaho has a high risk of four inches, with perhaps 8 inches in some regions.

Thunderstorms will occur over the Lower Mississippi and Tennessee Valleys, and continue all day today. This front will see snow developing moving across the Mid-Mississippi Valley, into the Ohio Valley, then the Central Appalachians.

By tonight the thunderstorms will continue through Tennessee Valley and into eastward to the Atlantic Coast. Snow will begin to fall North of the front along the northern edge of the precip as it moves Eastward. In the area of the Virginia/North Carolina/Tennessee borders, rain, will begin, but change to freezing rain as the surface temperatures drop.

There is a slight risk of severe thunderstorms over portions of the Deep South, where hail was reported yesterday in a number of areas.

(Advisor Lear)


ravensbbr said...

Swing, batter. It figures this season would tease us with one more promising central MD snow scenario that didn't play out like we thought.

See you all you powderhounds and mets next year. That is, barring any hurricane or severe storms, I'll stop back in for those.

All the best, stay safe!

hocoKtchr said...

We are down in Ocean City and there are about 2" of snow on the truck....and the sand....and none on the street. It is melting on the street as fast as it is falling....but seeing the sand blanketed in snow is fun!  Nothing like the blizzard pics from the beach last year though! 

It is beautiful to see!  O:-) And now bring on the warmth!  ;)

Forecaster Jason Mitchell said...

This event was a DC/Southern Maryland special. I got 1.0" in Huntingtown, MD, and I've heard reports of 2 and even 3 inches down in this area.