Thursday, March 1, 2012

"Oh the Places You'll Go" 
Read Across America 

5:35 AM EST 3/2/12 Today, we stand with the thousands of volunteers, teachers, and millions of students nationwide in celebrating Read Across America , in honor of the March 2 birthday of a humble author. His true name is Theodor Geisel. You might know of him better as the one and only, Dr. Seuss. There's a world of literary delight today and everyday in

It could be said that Mr. Geisel had one of the greatest impacts on student literacy in the past century. He quietly accomplished this by writing books which engage children and parents alike with entertaining yet thought-provoking "word-smithing." His effervescent style requires the reader to invest time in reading and carefully enunciating words from start to finish story so listeners can participate and understand. Dr. Seuss also taught us the passion of persistence. His first book, And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street was  rejected 27 times by other publishers before the Vanguard Press took a chance in 1937. Since then, the whimsically-themed books have become a mainstay of helping children learn how to enjoy reading, all over the globe.

Would you, could a forecast? 
We invite you, like the Cat in the Hat, to "tell us a thing or two about that." Whether you are a teacher, a student, in the scientific community, or from any walk of life, participating with us starts with writing about your weather today. Thus, we offer this Dr. Seuss-themed invitation:
What is "that" you might say? 
Why it's a real chance for you!
Tell us your local weather, each day.
We seek writers of all ages, far and near...
to share their passions for writing, right here!
It's really quite easy, even is weather is breezy,
to become a key part of our team.
We monitor, collaborate and forecast, all over.
What could you do? It's quite simple you see,
Take a photo, write a story and say "here's me!"  
Because, as we say, YOU'RE the "face of the place" 
for YOUR local weather today.
So by tomorrow, if you're interested, in taking a chance...
We invite you to spin up your own "weather dance."
Contact us right here, right now!* Don't delay. 
Before long, you'll be forecasting in great get on your way!
Send a simple email to with your Seuss-theme weather report for your local area, or even for a whole region. We'll feature it in a special collection of forecasts right here on the lead story! 


Andy, Southern York County PA (FORECAST ADVISOR) said...

Happy Spring!  :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

BioPat said...

Happy spring to you, my friend, as well!  So, with the divers temp ranges day to day, but on the warm side; climbing a little higher each day.  Do you think we can place the snow blowers and shovels in storage for the season?

JULIE said...

and there's a baby girl.... 3/1/11 4:16 pm 8.39 lbs

Andy, Southern York County PA (FORECAST ADVISOR) said...

Probably.  As we all know, accumulating snow is possible around here until about April 5th.  Obviously, extremely rare from March 20th forward, but possible.  I won't pack mine away until the last week of March, but if you like March snow there is none in sight before the 12th.  If you just play the odds and climo., then the notion of no more snow that sticks is the probable outcome after the 12th. 

I'm a betting man, so I'll roll the dice and not kill accumulating snow just yet.  ;)

Andy, Southern York County PA (FORECAST ADVISOR) said...

CONGRATULATIONS!  You must be happy to see spring! 8-)

wvmomof5 said...

Congrats-I am so happy for you!!!!

Lori said...

Congrats Julie and family!!!!

hocoKtchr said...

Wahoo!  And it wasn't even a snow day!  Go figure!  Congrats!  Very happy for you and Daniel!  O:-)

hocoKtchr said...

Hate to throw in the towel, but I am ready for spring now!  I know, blasphemy!  But bring on the spring-a-lings!  ;)

Tina said...

Congratulations chickie!!  She's not a snow baby...she's a spring (ish) baby!  Wow, the difference a week makes!  Though, as Andy says... ya never know.  Heh, your first peds appointment just might feature snow.  ;)

NeedaSnowday said...

WOOOHOOO! Congrats Julie and Daniel...  Awesome news!!