Friday, March 4, 2011

It may be
"All Quiet on the Western Front";
In the east, not so...

7:45 PM
Tornado Watches until 11PM in North Carolina and Virginia

7:40 AM EST Sun 3/6/2011 - Today's action on the advisory map continues to be the risk or presence of flooding in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic, with Winter Storm Warnings in upstate New York and Northern New England. We anticipate clearing by tomorrow as the front passes through the region. More details later this morning.

See Current Severe Wx details at WINTER STORMCAST

10:10 PM EST Sat 3/5/2011 For those along the east or west coast, the relative calm out your window could easily deceive the extent of flooding dangers in progress throughout the Ohio Valley and Midwest. Flood Warnings elsewhere in numerous states as denoted in bright green on the NWS advisory map. Flood Watches and Advisories from Tennessee and Alabama north and east for almost the entire Appalachian mountain chain into Pennsylvania. Winter Weather Advisories continue northward into New York. It is ironic to note this storm arrives on the anniversaries of the Great Ash Wednesday Storms of both 1960 and 1963.

If you live in or are located in an area prone to flooding, or under an NWS advisory, we urge you to remain on high ground and not to drive or walk over water-covered roadways at any time for any reason. Flooding can happen anywhere and often with little or no warning. The best decision is to simply Turn Around and Don't Drown.

Our multi-state team of student forecasters is closely watching the situation. On facebook, you can follow reports by Affiliate Forecaster Joe Puma at the Puma Weather Center from metro Chicago, Our Ohio Valley Severe Weather page with Lead Forecaster Terence Keaser in western Ohio, the Central Pennsylvania team of Forecasters Dakota Smith and Patrick Ritsko at Penn State.

In the Southeast, our Georgia team is on the watch with this storm at their new page, Foot's Forecast | Georgia, including Lead Forecaster Daniel Ross and Forecaster Chris Davis from GA Tech. Reports for different regions include Mississippi State Meteorology graduate and Forecaster Brandon McKenzie, University of Georgia graduate and Forecaster Paul Prance, and our newest Southeast Team member Matthew Munsey, from Savannah, GA who is studying Atmospheric Science at Cornell University in New York, but originally from San Diego, California. Now THAT is an example of multi-state collaboration right there!
(Lead Advisor Mr. Foot)

Welcome To Weather Camp

MARCH 4, 2011 | During this brief calm period in advance of the Midwest and East coast storm system expected for the weekend, our team would like to take some time to introduce you to an important nation-wide partnership in which we participate. The U.S. student team of Foot's Forecast has been partnering with the NOAA Careers & Weather Camps since last summer. How did it all come about? Through the suggestion of a student, who attended Weather Camp in summer 2009, then became a forecaster in December of that year... and the rest is history. Read further or check the links above if you or someone you know might be interested in this innovative career-building experience for students in summer 2011.

The NCAS CAREERS Weather Camp is an outreach program funded by grants from NOAA and National Science Foundation. The program is headquartered at Howard University's National Center for Atmospheric Science in Washington, D.C. The weather and climate-centered camp program began in 2007 with three sites in the U.S. and a vision: To provide authentic "career-exposure" opportunities for bright and under-represented middle or high school students interested in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The Weather Camp Program funded in part by the NOAA Educational Cooperative Agreement # NA06OAR4810172 and partners with the meteorological training and outreach company How The Weatherworks, Inc. in Naples, Florida.

WEATHER CAMP 411 (Get an inside look via this Associated Content slide show on activities from previous weather camps since 2007). As you'll see from the slide show, Weather Camp can be for many, a life-changing experience. For others, it is an eye-opening look at the many opportunities available to those interested in science as a career.

For two weeks, students are "engaged in hands-on activities, field experiments, seminars, tours of research facilities, and workshops that expand their knowledge of atmospheric sciences, weather and forecast models, and environmental instrumentation." A resident program for rising high school sophomores, juniors and seniors, the camp provides exposure to the college experience through their interactions on campus, interactions with Atmospheric Sciences STEM and graduate students, and use of campus computational and academic facilities.

In the four years since, "Weather Camp" spread from three sites, to six
in 2010, to over ten sites for Summer 2011. As noted on, the program at Howard University will have one high school residence camp and possibly up to 3 middle school commuting camps. Camps (either middle and/or high school) are slated in Mayaguez (PR), New York City (NY), El Paso (TX), Greensboro (NC), Jackson (MS), Lincoln (NE) and Phoenix (AZ). Work has begun on expanding the weather camp program to more than a dozen sites by the summer of 2012 in conjunction with existing partners and requested funding. Applications are now being accepted for Summer 2011.

In 2010, our team developed a partnership with How The Weatherworks, Inc. and Howard University in order to provide qualified weather camp graduates an opportunity to advance their forecasting skils by joining our multi-state teams.

In addition to two of our forecasters having attended the Howard weather camp in 2009 and 2010, several Mr. Foot and Dakota Smith presented the Foot's Forecasting concept to several NOAA Weather Camp Directors at the 91st Annual Conference of the American Meteorological Society January 27 and 28, 2011.

As reported on the weatherworks website: "We are now heavily involved in fostering the nationwide growth of Foot's Forecast, an innovative weather forecasting program showcasing the talents of interested high school and underclass college undergraduates. You may wish to check in to see what future meteorologists are capable of delivering in the way of weather services."

Now that is what we call an innovative partnership. With the potential for numerous forecast zones to be launched between now and Summer 2011, the future looks very bright for both Foot's Forecast and the NOAA Weather Camp program.

Photos: Top right - a composite of experiences from weather camp. Middle left: The Summer 2010 Howard Campers visit the NOAA World Weather Building/NCEP in Camp Springs, MD. Lower right: Mintong Nan (left) and Dakota Smith (right) are both forecasters on our team in two different zones - and attended Weather Camp in summer 2009.


Andy, Southern York County PA (FORECAST ADVISOR) said...







somestars said...

I've read and read your words of "dread"
Now the promise of snow is in my head.
My wish for more winter now is fed --
Or is this a "garden path" down which I've been led?

Fingers crossed fcr flakey fun on the fifteenth.

BioPat said...

Love those Ides of March! 

At this point, I would prefer not to lose a scheduled vacation day as I begin to plan my spring trips to the beach.  I need to get a long weekend of interior painting completed before the summer.

Mary in Hydes said...

Are you for Real Andy?  Should I dare get excited?

Andy, Southern York County PA (FORECAST ADVISOR) said...

Would not get too excited about it, but it appears to be our LAST REAL CHANCE from this time range.  The period from the 15th to the 20th appears that it will be colder and stormy. If we don't cash in on snow, someone just to our north could get something significant.  It will be interesting to watch.  After that timeframe, it's yardwork time and on to next season for tracking.      

somestars said...

So Advisor Andy would you say there is a 50-50 chance that March might go out like a lion ...
or even a lion cub?

Andy, Southern York County PA (FORECAST ADVISOR) said...

It will go out like a lamb.  The period between the 15th and the 20th is another story.  Rabid lion?  I don't know.  Time will tell!  The Ides of March might make us start looking at the weather very closely.  That 5 day period is likely to be very interesting.  It is our last true shot.

NeedaSnowday said...

Spring sports have started and this rain will wreak havoc on teams and AD's... 

RUFUS sighting yet????

Guessing Julie/Daniel are BUSY BUSY BUSY!! :-D

Andy, Southern York County PA (FORECAST ADVISOR) said...

Drink I need some more red wine
Pray for warm weather and more sunshine
Otherwise I can't grill some ribs of swine
Near the the 15th on the roads there will be salt and grime
Until well after daylight savings time
There will be no garden for you just locked up in the house like someone convicted of a crime.
Now back to more red wine, it keeps me feeling fine.


somestars said...


Tina said...

Does anyone (nudging Andy :) ) have any thoughts on summer 2011?  Are we gonna bake like potatoes (as in 2010) or will it actually be possible to spend some quality time outdoors when the sun's up?

Rufous... call home!

Tina said...

WHY do I keep spelling Rufus as Rufous?  Yeesh.  :-[

BioPat said...

The Catonsville "Prom" fundraiser was this weekend.  I am sure Rufus was very busy getting ready, and is now in a recovery stage.  Rufus is a mainstay in the Catonsville community.

NeedaSnowday said...

Thanks BP! 

catengers said...

I'm not sure what all that hooey is is before my note...bother...sorry

catengers said...

His full name is Rufus Jackson Joseph Brown.... Did Julie Daniel have her babe?

catengers said...

Yes BP exhausted LOL but it was a fun time. I have a Heritage foundation meeting this week....someone from the Council office has to be on the board????? I'm it...but it's a whole bunch of people I know from the Celebrations and other places and it's 4 meetings a year.

catengers said...

Somestar that bird is just lovely.

catengers said...

<span>I hope all the extra hooey is off this post.</span>
<span>Hey All I got a facebook message from Tina, I responded to her and thought I’d copy and paste here to tell the herd that....I'm ok I just started working full time in December for my councilman (in Catonsville) and it's extremely busy...and just trying to juggle that, family and all my volunteer activities. I am also trying to throw a fundraiser together for MDA as my son Jacob has Duchenne. We used to have a bull roast fundraiser but being involved with the campaign last fall I said no way Jose and I don't see how I am going to ever be able to pull that off I'm being waaaaaaay boring & doing a “non event” event aka: sending a letter to family and friends to ask for monetary donations for the MDA, the bull roast was always for research so I’ll probably just stick with that. In the meantime the Ba Co Firefighters are just itching to help a local family with an event because of their longtime partnership with MDA. We are going to do a guest bartender night I hoping Mid April for that @ Dimitri's or Gianni' I need to start working on the restaurant letter so I can do a "restaurant lottery board" @ the guest bartender night. Maybe some of the Footsters would like to attend? Looking like Spring Break for this, during the week.  
Thanks for checking in and I’ll try to check in more often.  
Cathy aka “Rufus”</span>

catengers said...

yes it worked :)

somestars said...

Isn't it?  Someone was really lucky to get a photo of THAT bird in THAT tree!
Glad you like it.  And GLAD you're okay!
Obviously you need to ask PERMISSION to be away from the posts for any length of time. 
Don't forget!

hocoKtchr said...

Glad you are doing well...if not totally crazed and busy! Folks were worried!  If I am in town over spring break I would love to come out for your event!  Hoping to head to Florida, but if it doesn't work least I will have something fun to look forward to!  :)

It's sleeting here right now in Frederick!  Kept hearing this persistent noise on the window...and thought it sounded different from the rain I heard all day...and lo and behold, it is sleet!  Go figure-that cold front must have arrived!

hocoKtchr said...

Yes, on March 1st!  I forget if it was a boy or girl though...need to check old posts!  All were doing well though!  Yea!~ :)

hocoKtchr said...

<span>and there's a baby girl.... 3/1/11 4:16 pm 8.39 lbs  (glad I found it!!!)

Tina said...

Ah HA!  So I did find the right Rufus!!  My friends think I can find anyone/anything on the web.  But, without Google, that just wouldn't be possible.  Glad things are good on your end of the swamp!