Saturday, April 16, 2011

"Don't know why I go to Extremes..."
- Lyrics by Billy Joel in a single from the 1990 Album Storm Front


4:55 PM EDT Saturday 4/16/2011
Destructive tornadoes have swept across the Carolinas today, with multiple warnings in progress and numerous sightings of twisters across both states. Golf-ball sized hail, 90mph winds and extremely violent tornadoes have impacted a wide area in North Carolina and continue to move east. Visit our page at Foot's Forecast | The Carolinas for the latest details.

The Storm Prediction Center issued an important public safety advisory known as a PDS, which stands for a Particularly Dangerous Situation for much of the Carolinas and southern Virginia. This is a special statement that accompanies a Tornado Watch when there is a high risk of life-threatening severe weather, including large tornadoes, destructive hail and damaging straight-line winds. This Tornado Watch is in effect until 9:00 PM EDT. Text of the SPC advisory.

You can follow the latest updates on facebook from our Southeast Forecast Team in the Carolinas, East Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi and Central Florida. Region-wide updates are also posted in the Southeast Severe Weather forecast page. Tornado Warnings are posted in locally affected forecast zones by region.

Elsewhere in the East, Tornado Watches extend from the Southern Mid-Atlantic into Central Pennsylvania  as indicated by this current graphic from the Eastern Regional HQ of the National Weather Service.

Flash Flood Watches extend across the Appalachian mountains and Potomac River Valley into central Pennsylvania, with Coastal Flood Warnings tonight for all of Delaware and most of the Jersey coast.

SEVERE IN THE SOUTHEAST On Friday, over 70 tornado reports were recorded across the Southeast yesterday, and outbreaks continue in south Georgia. North Florida. The photo featured was taken by Storm Chaser/Forecaster Vince Webb of Brandon, Mississippi after a strong tornado moved through Jackson, MS Friday afternoon. Visit his page for more pictures of the outbreak. The Weather Channel featured Vince's video footage of debris and funnel clouds, and also interviewed him twice by phone during the outbreak.

Vince, a high school senior in Brandon, MS provides live stream and footage to ABC affiliate WATP-16 in Jackson, MS from his outfitted chase vehicle. Last night's lead story on Channel 16 news Jackson, MS started with--"Our Storm Chaser Vincent Webb..." and word is that both ABC in New York and the CBS Early Show received his video.

Our team also extends condolences to the families who lost loved ones and property in this fast arriving outbreak. We effort each day to keep you informed with the local view so that lives can be saved when weather is on the move.

Additional reports and forecasts for other regions are in process and will be posted in the next section. (Lead Advisor Mr. Foot)

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