Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fire Continues in the Southwest...Nationwide: Floods, Heat, Smog, Storms, too...

Tuesday, 7 June, 8:50 AM EDT

The fires in Arizona have now consumed over 400 square miles, and evacuations still continue. Red Flags warnings are posted in five additional Southwest States.

A string of systems, led by California’s rainmaker, will bring unsettled weather to the Western part of the country, both today and tomorrow. Flooding in the North will continue with gates on the Missouri River Dams are opened to relieve pressure in the reservoirs. Rain and pop-up thunderstorms may be found in the South, the Northeast, and the Upper Mid-West. Some storms may be severe West, and East, of the Great Lakes today. There are Heat Advisories in the Mid-West and East, and Air Quality Alerts blanket the Mid-Atlantic.

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June in the USA..a Little Bit of Everything...

Monday, 6 June, 9:45 AM EDT

The strong Low approaching California will bring Snow to the Sierras, and rain from the Great Basin to the Upper Rockies. A strengthening system will deliver more precipitation to the North, already under numerous Flood Statements. Scattered storms are expected along the Gulf, cooling residents, hopefully, from the high heat and humidity there. Severe weather is possible around the Great Lakes. Flooding remains a serious problem across the country, but even more so in the North, where the Fort Peck Dam will see even more impounded water released. Wildfires, while being subdued in Arizona, are still causing evacuations.

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Hot and Cold and Wet and Dry and...

Sunday, 5 June, 10:45 AM EDT

The Strong Low off of the Coast of California will continue lower temps and precipitation in that area. A ridge in the middle of the country will pump in heat to that region, perhaps hitting triple-digits over the next few days. There are current Severe Thunderstorms Warnings posted in the Mid-West. The East Coast will see some significant storms develop from this system. Flooding is an ever-present danger at this time. The Significant River Flood Outlook reports over 20 areas of the country under Likely or Imminent Danger of Floods.

Over a quarter of a million acres has been burned in Arizona, and Fire remains a danger with Red Flag Warnings in four other States.

...more details can be found at STORMCAST.

As Pretty a Storm Map as You'll Want to See...

Saturday, 4 June, 10 AM EDT

A strong Low will come ashore in California, causing precipitation for much of the State. It will then take a Northerly route. There is a small risk of severe thunderstorms in the Ohio Valley/Great Lakes/Missouri Valley regions. Flooding remains a significant danger in Montana and Idaho, with reservoirs overflowing, roads washing out, and sections being declared as disaster areas. Red Flag Warnings are posted in four States, including Arizona, where over 200,000 acres have been burned.

more details can be found at STORMCAST.

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