Thursday, June 2, 2011

Somewhat Cooler Today.

Massachusetts Suffers First Tornado in Three Years.

Thursday, 6/2/2001, 9 AM EDT

Yesterday, a number of tornadoes struck Massachusetts, causing four known fatalities, and serious damage to 19 communities. (New York Times).

The Northern Plains Low will move into Canada pulling its Cold Front from the Rockies into the Upper Mississippi Basin by tomorrow. This will produce rain, and perhaps thunderstorms, from California, through the Rockies, into the High Plains, behind this front. Higher elevations may see snow. To the East of the front, showers and thunderstorms may develop over ten Missouri Valley into the Great Lakes.

Flooding remains serious in Montana, with the Fort Peck Dam set to release record amounts of water by Saturday. The Red River may exceed its record Flood Stage.

Red Flags are currently posted in seven States, with several Eastern States as possibilities later today.

The Tropical Disturbance in the Gulf has been given a 0% chance of developing into a tropical cyclone at this time.

More details: see Stormcast

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