Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Yes, Virginia...there is good news.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011 As the U.S. Team of Foot's Forecast welcomes summer, we have a plethora of exciting developments and special features to share with you, our readers.  We will be outlining a fresh new story spotlighting our partnership with the NOAA-funded Weather Camp program, showcase new forecasters and newly relaunched forecast zones in multiple areas of the country. For those interested in exploring new partnerships, forecasting services or products, we have a developing special offier for those looking to build a client relationship with our team. (Lead Advisor Mr. Foot, Collaborators Aaron Salter, Nikki Byers, Matt Bolton and Diandre Williams). Photo: Early June 2011 gathering of members from the Mid-Atlantic Team at Forecaster Greg Jackson's graduation party.

This first week of the 2011 summer is accompanied by the most bangin' event in all of Weatherdom: The NOAA-funded Weather Camp program. Foot's Forecast has been a direct collaborator with this innovative and expanding 11-site future scientist education program led by Howard University's NOAA Center for Atmospheric Science in Washington, DC. Seven forecasters or affiliates on our team today were 2010 Weather Camp graduates. This summer, several of our members will continue innovating the future of forecasting at several Weather Camps in the U.S. We hope all Weather Camp students will consider the life-changing opportunities which can be gained from becoming a part of our multi-state team that is changing the way we view weather forecasting in America today...because it's run by students. 

Storm Chaser/Forecaster Vince Webb, shown below with Mr. Foot during a meeting in Colorado, will make several appearances at the Jackson State University Weather Camp in progress this week. Vince has earned his claim to fame after a rip-roaring time this Spring chasing-- and several times-- being chased by tornadoes in the historic southeast outbreaks. Check out Vince's amazing page of tornado videos and incredible stories:

Among the participants at the 2011 Howard Camp will be Matt Bolton, the Lead Forecaster for FF Central Florida who was a Summer 2010 graduate of the Jackson Camp and a colleague of Vince Webb. Matt has operated the Central Florida Zone since October 2010, is a central members of the Foot's Forecast Web Team and serves on the multi-state Tropical Zone in facebook and our main site.

Aaron Salter, Director of U.S. Team Operations for Foot's Forecast, and a senior at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, will be a student counselor at the July 10-23 NCAS Howard University Camp in WashingtonAaron met Vince at the Howard Camp last summer and collaborates with a number of the 2010 students. He brings a depth of experience in Environmental Studies, Weather Forecasting, Public Speaking, is an avid surfer, and also oversees applications for prospective members of the team.  For questions on joining the team, feel welcome to "Ask Aaron" anytime:  or review the application materials at our Team Center. 

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