Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fri, 21 Oct 2011 10 AM EDT
The weather is forecast to be dry over much of the nation for the next couple of days. There will be showers, and perhaps thunderstorms in the PNW. The Mid-section and parts of the South will show some chilly, if not freezing, temperatures.

Better weather to race for the cure
(sunshine ahead, wind at your back)

10:20 AM EDT 10/20/11 Passage of the less-than-severe coastal storm, and the spiraling Ohio Valley low literally caused "breath-taking" winds in the upper Midwest over 60 mph and up to 40 mph sustained over the Great Lakes. Our forecasters in these regions, including Ben at Michigan Weather Watchers, and Robert in Southeast Wisconsin, report the storm is becoming "cut off" from the primary flow. This will produce on-going strong wind gusts for the next several days in these areas, coastal flooding along lake shores and a bitter early winter preview... minus the snow.

Some are thankful snow was not associated with this storm. Readers will recall about this time last year, we were heading into what would become one of the most powerful inland cyclones ever recorded in the U.S. It became a powerfully epic storm registering a barometric pressure of 953 millibars, which is on par with a Category 3 hurricane. This storm pummeled the Great Lakes with hurricane-force winds, caused blizzard conditions in the Dakotas, tornadoes from the Ohio Valley to the Southeast, all on the same day. (A Wikipedia overview of the storm we have reviewed for accuracy.)

Fast forward one year, things are looking much better. Despite brisk winds and cold temperatures, Komen Racers everywhere will delight in good news for this weekend's events. Despite the cool weather, races planned around the U.S. are fortunate to be in areas which will be under a high pressure ridge. We are happy to report that Races for the Cure in Kansas, Iowa, Tennessee and Maryland alike should see weather similar to what was observed in the photo above from the Hunt Valley, MD event in October 2010.
By Saturday, winds in the Midwest may still be howling up to 30 mph, but by Sunday in the East, conditions will have diminished to light west breezes. If you've been thinking about joining the Maryland event, there is still time to register...visit Komen's Hunt Valley, MD Affiliate website. Racing in Knoxville, Tennessee on Saturday? Forecaster Jeremy Buckles of our East Tennessee Team has you covered, with better weather ahead for the race.

So with sunshine ahead and the wind at your back, we encourage any able-bodied readers available to take advantage of the improving weather, and make a difference... because "we all know someone" who's faced it. (Forecaster Foot and the U.S. Advisory Team)

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