Saturday, December 17, 2011

Shopping today...Blizzard tomorrow

2:30 PM CST 12/18/11 
OVERVIEW OF PROJECTED SNOWFALL AMOUNTS | Winter Stormcaster Greg Jackson assembled this regional roundup of anticipated snow totals as reported by the National Weather Service, Central Region Headquarters in the affected areas of the Central Plains. For on going, rapid updates on this storm from our team we encourage readers to visit and like  our Central Plains Winter Stormcast Page.

NWS Dodge City, KS (Southwest & Central Kansas):
  • Along Rt. 56 (Dodge city): 6-12” | Syracuse, KS:  5-10”
  • Central Kansas: Antonino, KS: 3-6"

NWS Topeka, KS (NE Kansas):
  • Manhattan:  4-8” and a trace of sleet and freezing drizzle
  • Salina: 4-8”

NWS Wichita, Kansas (South-Central Kansas):
  • Kingman-Hutchinson-Hillsboro: 4-8”+
  • Turnpike Corridor: 2-5”

NWS Amarillo, TX (Oklahoma and Texas Panhandle):
  • OK and extreme NW TX Panhandle: 12-15”
  • Boise City, OK: 12-15” | Guymon, OK: 12-15” | Beaver, OK: 9-12”
  • Dalhart, TX: 12-15”

10:10 AM CST 12/18/11
BLIZZARD WATCH IN EFFECT | The National Weather Service has posted a Blizzard Watch across a large portion of central and southern Kansas extending to the north Texas panhandle, the Oklahoma panhandle, and includes extreme southeast Colorado and much of eastern New Mexico. 

Accumulations may reach or exceed 12 inches in some locations of southwest Kansas with up to 9 inches in the areas denoted by a Winter Storm Watch. Sustained winds of 25 mph or greater will create life-threatening whiteout conditions across a large portion of the area noted by a Blizzard Watch. Local and regional information for the affected areas is posted in our Winter Stormcast | Central Plains page. 


Pre-Holiday Blizzard?

10:45 PM EST 12/17/11 | Affiliate Forecaster Cirrus Weather in Hays, Kansas has been tracking for several days the potential of a major winter storm for the southern and central Plains. The elements necessary for a prolonged period of heavy snow, including a southward pressing cold front interacting with significant Gulf of Mexico moisture, will lead to potential blizzard conditions. These possibilities have been detailed by the Dodge City, KS National Weather Service in their multi-media briefing this evening. Blizzard Watches are already in effect for eastern New Mexico, with Winter Storm Watches spreading from the Oklahoma & Texas panhandles into central Kansas.  

The original post by Cirrus Weather on 12/16 stated "I do believe Southwest Kansas, portions of South Central, Central, and Northeast Kansas may receive the heavier snow." After a full day of observational and model analyses, and comparison with NOAA Snow Probability Maps, it became clear to Cirrus Weather that a significant to major event was in the offing for Monday into Tuesday. The preliminary snowfall projection below reflecting this thinking, which was issued a full hour (at 6:50 PM CST) before KWCH, the Wichita, Kansas local TV station released theirs at 7:50 PM CST.

On going updates and forecasts for the Central Plains will also be posted in our newest Winter Stormcast page for that region. If you have family in the area or are heading to the southern/central Plains on business or vacation, we encourage you to visit and like our Winter Stormcast page and the facebook page for Cirrus Weather.

It made us think, if Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz was a "Powderhound" she might look at this storm and say, "Toto, there's no place like home...unless there's NO POWER."  If you live in this region and are just learning about the blizzard potential, we urge you to check on your elderly neighbors or young families in advance of the storm. 

Additional updates and forecasts for the Central Plains on Sunday will be posted in the Winter Stormcast Page. 


Andy, Southern York County, PA said...

It's been quiet on the large storm front, but at least it's cold.  It seems like there has been more volitility than usual with extreme warm and cold.  October was very cold while November was the other extreme.  I still think we can get a large storm, and lots of potential in the medium to long range.  In the meantime I will enjoy the second largest snowfall of the season here on the peak of Mt. Andy.  1/2 inch is better than nothing!

NeedaSnowday said...

Quiet is a good decription for it...  hard to believe it was 61 degrees in the middle of December!  <sigh></sigh>

BioPat said...

Hang on guys, change is on the horizon!

NeedaSnowday said...

Hey BP!!  Looking forward to a lil wintry weather sooooon!

ravensbbr said...

Not seeing it myself, please do expound...

ravensbbr said...

but hey, at least the Ravens let us down. #sososobummedaboutweatherandRavens :-P

NeedaSnowday said...

egads...  it was just terrible... just when I think we got it all together it comes crashing down... of course I want the weather to at least hold off until AFTER the game on Saturday! :-P

ravensbbr said...

and at least the Squeelers lost, too. :)