Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Snow to return for the weekend
(for some...)

Graphic: NOAA HPC Snow Probability for 4 or more inches by 7 AM Friday.

11:15 AM EST 1/11/12 (Reposted on our Mid-Atlantic Winter Stormcast page in Facebook) A frosty start in northern states this morning under clouding skies is being replaced by the arrival of a new storm system in the Mid-South. After oddly warmer conditions Thursday for the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, temperatures will cool off dramatically by tomorrow night. Starting early Friday morning, portions of western Maryland, western and central Pennsylvania and northern West Virginia should see brief periods of snow.

Snow sports readers, (known as Powderhounds in these parts) will be stoked to learn it's time gear up for a potentially snowy weekend. We expect the best natural powder to be found at Mid-Atlantic destinations such as Wisp ResortSnowshoe Mountain Resort and Seven Springs. This ski resort shout-out is part of our new Wednesday Winter feature to get your weekend plans cooking if your "head is ready to shred."

Much colder air, arriving behind the departing storm on Friday morning, should deliver a nice refresh of surface powder Saturday and Sunday in the western Mid-Atlantic. Powderhounds in the Upper Great Lakes Region will be the real winners, with a high probability of 4 or more inches in many locations. Temperatures in the teens and 20's by then will also keep conditions ideally cold for snow-making, and lead to rejoicing among resort operators!

Later this evening, our Winter Stormcast Team will have more details on the Thursday night into Friday phase of this  winter weather event. (Forecasters Winterman, Foot, Reginald J., Jason M. and Keith K.)


BioPat said...

Good Morning my Foot's freinds!  After quite a thunder/lightning display last night followed by the loss of power, I'm ready for some snow!  I have promised my students we will begin a new weather cycle this weekend which should lead us to some white flakes very soon!   I'm still holding out for a President's weekend of snow - but this will bear some watching as we progress through the next few weeks.  Now tha NAO is running negative, a real winter may be possible!

NeedaSnowday said...

Hey BP!  I am doing my part to bring on a SuperKahuna...  guess who is taking the students on an annual trek to Orlando, Florida on President's Day weekend!?!  One of the numbers we will be performing is one we did in 2003 and 2006...  =-O :-D

NeedaSnowday said...

Remember the good ole days when Foot would have a poll regarding school delays/closings?  Not that a closing is imminent, but perhaps a dealy tomorrow?

JB may have started a lil excitement -

BioPat said...

Oh my, thanks for the chuckle this evening 8-) 8-) !  I hoe you have a grand trip, I'll be thinking about you, and yes karma says if you've got a field trip going out to FL; you may have sealed the deal!  Have a great time with the kids, and pack some extra clothes, or better yet have a shopping spree in Orlando - those Mickey feet will give you great stability in the snow. lol!

hocoKtchr said...

I vote for a 2 hour delay!  That would be the best Friday the 13th gift!  Here's hoping for "stickage" on those roads!  ;) was fun to have the kids out for recess today with no coats...  bizarro world!  :)

NeedaSnowday said...

Thanks so much BP...  we are gearing up for it.  We met one of your students down there with his grandparents two years ago.. small world!!

Hoping Andy will dust off the monster to ensure a SuperKahuna!!

NeedaSnowday said...

DELAY...haa..  i just noticed my typo..

I vote for DELAY too...