Thursday, February 2, 2012

The battle begins in the Great Plains 

9:05 AM CST 2/2/12 | Regardless of what Punxsutawney Phil may have seen this morning, the Great Plains are facing the second major winter storm of the season. Blizzard conditions are now raging from eastern Colorado to western Kansas (NWS). Winter Storm and Blizzard Watches extend across much of the Central Plains to the Mid-Mississippi River Valley into the Northern Plains and bordering the Western Great Lakes region. 

For a local view on our forecasters and affiliates covering this event, please visit CirrusWeather in Kansas, StormCentral in Chicago, and Forecaster Robert in our Southeast Wisconsin page on Facebook. As the storm approaches the Western Great Lakes, updates will be posted in our regional Winter Stormcast page for that area.

If you are a prospective forecaster in these regions interested in joining our team, visit our application page and let's get it started. Only shooting stars break the mold, so isn't about time you break out of yours? 

(Forecasters Foot, CirrusWeather and the Winter Stormcast Team) 

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