Monday, February 20, 2012

Where do we go from here?

7:50 AM EST 2/20/12 In the wake of our departing weekend storm, much of the country is welcoming a much calmer Washington's Birthday than in previous years. In 2011, the same regions that were affected by this storm were under threat of a major ice event which snarled plans for many returning home from their mid-winter vacations. 

Looking to next weekend While still early in model projections, the next notable event to impact the country may be a swiftly moving Arctic front trailing behind a relatively strong Low pressure system progged to move northeast from the Great Lakes. 
  • Cold and more cold: Were this outcome to verify, near-freezing air would surge straight the Gulf coast, making for a very cold weekend for much of the eastern U.S. on Saturday and Sunday.  
  • Just one view: The image shown above is for 1:00 AM EST Saturday morning 2/25 as of the 1 AM model runs from today, and the 5,000-foot level map was selected for simplicity. As with every medium range forecast outside 5 days, it is not a specific call for one outcome, but an overview of what is on the horizon given the current pattern.
Thanks for the collaboration! Our entire team would like to express thanks to  our many readers across the U.S. for your loyalty and involvement with us in the recent storm. The forecasters were very encouraged to read of so many  supportive  comments, or to see readers posting pictures of the event from their area in their forecast zones. We appreciate you sharing your weather with us!

(Forecasters Foot, Isaacs; Advisors Berk, Palmer, Lear, Winstead and Krichinsky) 


Andy, Southern York County, PA said...

<span>Looks like Salisbury, the lower shore toward the bay, and Saint Mary's pulled out around an inch.  Any reports of dustings etc toward Calvert County etc, or did anyone see any snow showers last night?</span>

Andy, Southern York County, PA said...

Looks like the furthest north easurable snow made it to was St Mary;s County and the lower eastern sure.  Appears to be anywhere from a trace to an inch.  In this winter that is a victory for many of those area. :)

Morpheus - Woodmore, MD said...

<span>Observed not a flurry in mid PG county, not that there was not one but I did not see it - nothing on the ground this morning. On the up side I do not have to live with a bug for an avatar! </span><img></img><span>  H</span><span>e</span><span>r</span><span>e’s hoping for some powder this winter!</span>

Andy, Southern York County, PA said...

That's why I never bet on the weather, we only try to stay a step or two ahead of it ;)   I look at all data, find a threat, then DAYS later the general public is all over the THREAT or in some cases OVER HYPE/ UNDER DOWNPLAY because of poor TV NEWS forecasts.  If all the reliable data shows the THREAT is dead for us becasue others way south will cash in then I kill it for us.  Weather is very hard to predict, all we can do is try and stay a step ahead of it.  That is half the fun.  I try to be as honest as possible in my enthusiasm for it, without letting my enthusiasm cloud honest judgement.  Here is to our NEXT THREAT!  JUST MAYBE WE CAN CASH IN? :-$   

Andy, Southern York County, PA said...

Next possible period for snow threats appears to be around March 1-6.  This weekend does not appear to bear any chance of a reasonable threat.  We might hit 70 before the week is out.  Happ Spring preview!  8-)