Friday, March 2, 2012

Major severe weather outbreak
across Southeast & Ohio Valley

4:39 PM EST 3/2/12 Significant damage continues to be reported in Southern Indiana according to Tornadoes continue to run through Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee.
  • The Storm Prediction Center has issued a Tornado Watch for the Western Carolinas and Northern Georgia.
  • Storms will continue to develop along this front, which will extend severe weather into the overnight hours.
  • We urge all to stay in storm shelters as these tornadoes have had multiple tornadoes follow the same path.
  • The Storm Prediction Center has extended the Tornado Watch to Southeast Ohio, Eastern Kentucky, Western Virginia, and Western and Central West Virginia.  This has been deemed a Particularly Dangerous Situation.   
Stay tuned to the NOAA SPC for the latest watches and reports of severe weather.

2:30 PM EST 3/2/12 Damage and injuries across parts of Tennessee into Kentucky from suspected tornadoes in those areas this morning and afternoon. Photo credit: & article. Our Ohio Valley Severe Weather Forecaster Jason Warren notes in a recent report: 
  • Widespread Severe Weather is occuring out across a large part of the OH Valley. Storms continued to develop along a warm front from IN, southeastward to eastern KY.
  • A "Particularly Dangerous Situation" or "PDS Watch #58" has been issued for parts of KY, southern IN, and southern OH. These areas are in a high risk for severe storms including damaging winds, very large hail, and large, long-track tornadoes.
  • Intense storms are re-developing in the vicinity of deepening low pressure over eastern MO and southern IL, and these storms will move eastward, feeding on warm, moist air surging northward across the region.
  • The latest watches and preliminary reports at the NOAA Storm Prediction Center

Current Eastern U.S. NWS watches & warnings
Additional Tornado Watches include portions of:
Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee 

1:30 PM EST 3/02/12 | Reports to the Storm Prediction Center (SPC) and by local NWS spotters indicate tornado touchdowns have occurred in Alabama, Chattanooga, Tennessee and the vicinity; eastern Kentucky. Reports suggest very significant impacts from several strong tornadoes and widespread damage. The latest details:
  • Current Tornado Watches in progress. Several destructive tornadoes have already been reported. For current warnings, please visit the advisory map shown left or your local NWS office.
  • Latest Storm Reports to the SPC by local spotters and public safety, updates every 10 minutes. 
  • Our Southeast Severe Weather page in Facebook contains an auto-update feature  of all NWS watches and warnings in the affected states via the ReadyWarn system.
  • Severe Weather Public Outlook issued at earlier today indicated a large area of the Southeast and Ohio Valley would be at risk for potentially large and destructive tornadoes throughout the day, as shown below:

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