Friday, March 2, 2012

Words don't describe
91 preliminary tornado reports as of 8:40 PM 3/2/12

8:35 PM EST 3/2/12 This recent Youtube capture by a resident of Pekin, Indiana (not one of our forecasters) is one small glimpse of a multi-state outbreak which has produced at 50+ reports of tornadoes since this morning. This catastrophic outbreak has produced damage from Mississippi to Ohio. 

  • Tornado warned cells are moving through Eastern Kentucky into Southern West Virginia, but by the time they make it into the state they may lose much of what rotation they have.   
  • Other focus points are Eastern Tennessee, Northern Mississippi, and Southern Alabama.

REGIONAL TEAM REPORTS  Our Severe Weather Team is reporting on the outbreak in regional Facebook forecast pages for the Ohio Valley, Mid-AtlanticCarolinas and Southeast 

Recent capture from WLKY in Louisville, KY 
Henryville High School in Indiana

Nashville, TN  readers reporting multiple touchdowns in past hour. 
  • "Completely gone..." - Report from police about Henryville, Indiana, a town of 1,900 which has been struck by one or more twisters today.
  • "School flattened..." -Local emergency management in Indiana as reported in a tweet.
  • Dozens of tornado warnings: Tennessee to Kentucky to Ohio

Latest news reports on this outbreak as collected by our team:  

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