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Our hearts still go on...
Entering the Bay near the Port of Cork, Ireland
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10:15 AM EDT 4/11/12  On the 10th of April, 100 years ago, the grand empress of the sea left Southampton, England under a cool, cloudy and breezy sky. Exactly 100 years later, memorial cruises left NYC and England as noted in articles by CNN and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. These voyagers feel moved to commemorate the tragedy on site and relive the stories which culture the Edwardian era of the early 1900's. As one passenger on a cruise said, "It's...a human tragedy that just resonates through the years."

To commemorate the honor and sacrifice of those and all sea-faring voyages. our team announces the launch of our special 5-part series on the centenary of Titanic, exploring the lessons she taught us all.  

A Youtube capture of the inspiring "Take Her To Sea" scene. 

That which occurred one century ago became a singular journey of one ship now forever docked in our hearts and our history. The tragic events that followed would forever change the world, and capture the minds of generations to come, including many on our team who are commemorating the centenary with a series of special stories on our "Titanic 100" page on Facebook

Each day this week, until both the UK and US cruises dock at their destinations, our team will continue reporting on the weather conditions of these sea-faring journeys across history. With each story, we will also  discuss a different perspective on the truth of Titanic, as viewed through the eyes of those on our special "Titanic 100 Team."  We invite you to go along with us for the journey and share your perspective on the events and the lessons that are forever in the hearts of millions across the sea.

Around the country Wednesday, Freeze Warnings have been issued because of the heavy frost dangers. This "ice" will not have nearly the devastating impact observed 100 years ago, but a similar chill is in the air to the North Atlantic in 1912. Scattered showers will make a run through the deep trough over the east, but no washout storm is anticipated. Another storm is slamming into the west coast, bringing some more wet weather to much of the west. A severe weather threat will also be concentrated in West Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado as a starts to slide out of the mountains.

Our Titanic Cruise Forecast

Map from the company sponsoring the Commemorative Cruises 

Today's featured zone is the  Foot's Forecast | Metro New York Facebook page because of the 100 anniversary cruise that departed the harbor Tuesday at noon. As the New York-Halifax-Titanic site cruise began, marine conditions were not ideal. A storm system situated off the New England coast is providing unsettled weather for the region. West winds will be around 20 knots, with  wave heights reaching 6 feet over portions of the planned route shown belowe Rain showers are also possible during this time. 

Over the past weekend, stormy conditions were affecting both sides of the Atlantic near the New York and Southampton commemorative sites. The cruise departing from the Port of Cobh in Ireland on April 8 at one point actually had to turn around after running into dangerously choppy waters. 

The Balmoral departing Southampton on Saturday, April 8 for the England-based commemorative cruise.

Fortunately, there will be some improvement by the time the NYC-based cruise reaches Halifax on Thursday. The storm system responsible for the messy weather at Tuesday's launch will track off to the east later in the week.  Breezy south winds around 15-20 knots will again be possible as the cruise tracks from Halifax to the disaster site. As the cruise pauses at the site of the Titanic disaster Saturday and Sunday, winds should be from the northwest at 15 knots, and there will be a slight chance for a few showers. 

Current computer models suggest that high pressure will build over the western portion of the Atlantic by this weekend. While eerily similar to the weather patterns of mid April 1912, this should also allow for light winds and some sunshine as the cruise returns to New York. 

Join us Thursday for our next topic in the series: 1912 vs. 2012 what's different...and what's not.

(Contributors: Forecaster Mike N., Jason M. and Mr. Foot)

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