Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hope Springs Eternal
-Alexander Pope in "An Essay on Man"

Image credit: Alabama-based blog I Bleed Crimson Red

7:00 AM EDT 4/28/12 (Forecaster Mike N.) - As those in Birmingham and across the Southeast mark one year this weekend since the tragic events of the April 27-28, 2011 tornado outbreak, temperatures across the country remain in a contrast of cool to the north and warm to the south, but at least will not be as extreme as the last few days. 

HEAT RELIEF? This early season heat wave is winding down to a close now in the southern Plains, with a wide swath of highs in the 80s coming up and some 90s, but the 100s will be pushed back for the time being. Enjoy the break in those regions before the heat comes back in the summer! A few scattered storms will be possible across north Texas and Oklahoma. Areas like our Foot's Forecast | Central Florida zone will see a very nice weekend under the hot Florida sun! 

FLASHBACK NORTHEAST  Portions of the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast will be plummeting Friday night with temperatures. With a huge area of Frost and Freeze warnings out for Saturday morning, many planters must be on the alert for the dangers of a freeze to the crops. One area that will be seeing very chilly temperatures is the Foot's Forecast | Southeast Pennsylvania zone, which covers the Philadelphia metro. Rain will seep into these regions late on Saturday, but it will be a rather chilly day over all, especially considering that it is almost May! 

SCIENCE FESTIVAL A reminder that members of our Mid-Atlantic Team will be holding forth at the USA Science & Engineering Festival at the Washington DC Convention Center. Look for us with the National Weather Camp Program booth in the Sea & Sky Exhibit Area and follow this link to the science festival website to see other exhibitors in the area.

SWATH OF SHOWERS Another swath of scattered showers and storms will be stretched across the country from Montana to New Jersey, arriving at the coast Saturday night. The good news is that the Pacific Northwest will start to dry out again, with the exception of some scattered showers (or even snow showers for highest elevations) near the coastline. Dryness is not good news for the southwest at this point, but unfortunately, rain is not in sight for that regions at the time. 

Stay tuned for more and have a wonderful weekend! 

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