Sunday, May 27, 2012

Collaboration Across The Nation

2:00 PM EDT 5/27/12 As we head into the second half of the Memorial weekend, the weather is growing increasingly challening for some along the Southeast coast. Our multi-state Tropical Team has been regularly updating on Tropical Storm Beryl, led by Director Daniel Ross in Atlanta, Georgia. Below is a composite image of the current radar, satellite and NHC warnings prepared by Forecaster Mark Ingalls. 

BERYL BARRELS TO THE COAST - Tropical Storm Beryl is still churning off of the Georgia coast as it slides SW around 10 mph, with maxium sustained winds of 65 mph. Our  team expects landfall just south of Jacksonville, Florida between 7-10 pm this evening. For more specific details on this event and team forecasts. please visit our Tropical page on this site or our Tropical Zone on Facebookwhich is updated every 1-2 hours as the storm approaches. Our overview of timing for the event:
  • Outer bands of rain and thunderstorms will begin to impact our Southern Georgia zone this afternoon, followed by our readers in Central Florida and to the Florida Panhandle zone. 
  • For Memorial Day, we expect rather unfortunate conditions for those areas, as Beryl will bring heavy rain and high winds gusting near 40 mph in affected areas along her path. 

SEVERE THREAT ON SUNDAY  While the tropics are challenging our team along the coast, Storm Chaser Joey Krastel is leading his group, NimbusStorms in a chase across the Central Plains, and snapped this tornado photo in southern Nebraska. You can follow Forecaster Joey's results on Twitter ( For Joey's trip and residents alike, the main threat for severe weather on Sunday will be across portions of the northern Plains, from northern Kansas through eastern Nebraska, western Iowa and into Minnesota. We may need to look out for the usual threats that come with strong storms.

HOT, HOT and MORE HOT - This weekend is continuing to feel much like some summer weather across much of the eastern half of the country. 90s will be the rule across much of the Mississippi and Ohio River Valleys with some very significant heat across some of the Midwest. Chicago may have a shot into the mid to upper 90s with high humidity sending heat indices well over 100ยบ. Just to the north in the Foot's Forecast | Southeast Wisconsin we may see highs into the lower 90s with some mid 90s close to the Illinois border with a dry break from Saturday's storms.  

SOUTHWEST FIRE CONCERNS - The threat is not quite as significant as the potential for wildfires to develop on Saturday, but we still have to be on the lookout for those conditions across portions of New Mexico and Colorado mainly with dry conditions, low humidity, and strong winds. 

Have a wonderful Sunday and stay tuned for more multi-state reports.

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