Sunday, May 6, 2012

"Don't Steal My Sunshine."
- Len in the 1999 single (YouTube link)

1:45 PM EDT 5/6/12 (Forecaster Mike N.) The cool-down begins! Have you been enjoying the warmth in the east, or waiting for the next cold front to come through? It's been hot and humid in the east, especially the southeast and southern plains over the last few days, but Sunday will begin a slow transition to cooler weather. 

SEVERE STORM RISK - When a cold front pushes out a hot and humid air mass in the mid-Spring, it's almost inevitable that storminess begins. Sunday will bring the cold front through the Central Plains, causing a severe risk out ahead, especially in Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin. This area includes those in the Kansas City Metro zone, so stay tuned there for local updates! The other center for storms on Sunday will be located in the southeast, out ahead of this back door cold front that is sagging southward. Portions of Georgia will have to be on the lookout with that system. 

HEAT GETS SQUISHED - Compared to Saturday, the heat on Sunday will be assaulted from both sides. The primary cold front in the plains will provide heat relief to the Northern Plains down to western Kansas, but it may be actually on the chilly side in places. For example, some places in western Kansas hit into the 90s on Saturday, but may be capped in the mid 60s on Sunday! 

On the other flank, more seasonable temperatures will work into the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, with a noticeable drop in humidity as well. Not all will see cooler temps though. From central Texas through the Mississippi River Valley and down towards Florida, it will be quite the scorcher once again. In our South Florida & The Keys zone, we won't be as warm as central and northern Florida, but highs in the upper 80s with humid conditions are far from cool. 

HO-HUM IN THE WEST  - For many, boring is wonderful, but there is very little to discuss west of the Rockies heading into Sunday. Many places will be seeing a cold night heading into Sunday morning, with freezes possible in places. Sunny skies will be plentiful for a vast portion of the western U.S. with varying temperatures. Have a wonderful Sunday!

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