Friday, May 11, 2012

Go Coastal With Us

Along the beach in Maryland, by reader Shantel Mitchell
7:50 AM EDT 5/12/12 (Forecasters Mike & Mr. Foot) Many places around the country enjoyed a rather calm Friday, though our hearts and hopes go out to those being impacted by the monsoon-like deluge in Texas. Overall, many of us get to delight in closing out the work weeked with pretty nice weather coast to coast. 

BIG TROUBLE IN WET TEXAS The Texas Deluge is continuing and is now shifting eastward into neighboring states. There is a risk for possible severe weather and flooding rains across that region. Scattered showers will also be possible in the northern Plains, with a weak front moving through. 

WHEN YOU GO, WE ARE THERE If vacation, work or life takes you someplace new or familiar this Summer, chances are you can find a local Foot's Forecast team already there. We're also hard at work preparing to launch new zones with local forecasters from epic places to better serve you.

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Would you like to get one of our "Epic Blue" team shirts? Maybe you're passionate about "vacation weather" and would like to shoot a fusion video for us from your awesome location. To learn more about how this works, please send a short message to and let's get it started!

ON THE EAST COAST With a nice weekend on the way for the East Coast, let's take a break today and look ahead towards the summer! Up and down the East Coast, you will be able to find fantastic beach locations for perhaps a day trip, a weekend, or as long as you desire! Wherever you go this summer, our team is probably there waiting for you, so we offer this "regional roundup" of our zones along the coast.

  • Near NYC: Our Metro New York zone covers Long Island beaches. Also, anyone going further south may want to check out our Central New Jersey zone which will give a look at your Jersey shore trip this year.  may want to take a trip either to the beaches of Long Island, or New Jersey. 
  • Mid-Atlantic: The Chesapeake or Delaware Bays provide excellent near-shore vacation options, and the zones you can count on in those areas include the Northern Bayshore. Our newest zone "Surf & Sail" is the first-ever coastal focused of its kind, covering shoreline forecasting for areas near popular summer destinations including the Delmarva Beaches, from Rehoboth and Bethany to  Ocean City, MD and Chincoteague. All of those destinations will be covered by our Bayshore Team throughout the summer! 
  • Virginia & The Carolinas: Heading to Virginia Beach? The Tidewater team will cover your trips there throughout the season! One of the most popular destinations on the east coast is the Outer Banksand our Mid-Atlantic Team provides a daily overview of conditions expected there. Near the NC/SC border, you can rely on our Cape Fear & Carolina Coast zone from Wilmington, NC. found here ). 
IN THE SOUTHERN SUN  A list of East coast summer destinations would not be complete be without Florida and coastal Georgia . We have staff covering both state! Here's a closer look:
  • The Central Florida Team provides updates several times a day in the Tampa-St. Petersburg to Orlando metro area. 
  • Maybe you're heading all the way to Margaritaville in the Keys? Then check in with our South Florida & The Keys Team first to see the daily storm forecast from Miami on south.
  • The Southern Georgia Team is keeping watch on conditions along the Savannah coast, and inland as well. Visit and like the page for a local focus in the area.
 Have a wonderful Friday, and who's ready for the summer season to get started?

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