Monday, May 14, 2012

"Here comes the rain again."
- 1984 single by British pop duo Eurythmics 
(YouTube link: No worries teachers, this one is clean)

8:05 AM EDT 5/14/12 (Forecaster Mike N.) After holding out for a nice weekend along the east coast, the storm is finally arriving, which will bring plenty of rainfall to the coastline. Some areas may may be approaching rather significant amounts as well! The image below is a 3-day rainfall projection from NOAA today to Wednesday night.

EAST COAST DRENCHING - Areas across the entire east coast, including the Foot's Forecast | Central Virginia zone, we will have showers and possibly thunderstorms, but heavy rainfall is a greater concern than the severe weather threat. If any flood related advisories are issued, your local zones will keep you updated! Rainfall will be hitting much of the same areas through Wednesday, and as you can see on the map attached, some areas could approach or surpass 4.00" of rain by 8 pm Wednesday.

TEXAS DROUGHT RELIEF - Of the areas of the country that need the rain, west Texas is STILL in one of the most dire situations. Even though this comes with the price of flood concerns and a severe weather threat, many will be happy that the rains is coming. There is a slight severe weather threat from eastern New Mexico and into west Texas. 

SUNNY PLAINS - Monday will be a beautiful day for areas like the Foot's Forecast | Kansas City Metro and across the middle of the country with plentiful sunshine from west of the Appalachians to the Rockies. Highs will be nice for mid May, look for temperatures in the 70s and 80s for a large portion of the country. 

THE SOUTHWEST OVEN - Areas of the desert southwest will be scorching in the hot sun, with a swath of Excessive Heat Watches and Warnings in SE California and SW Arizona. Temperatures will be surging into the 100s across that area so stay cool! Other portions of the west will continue to see sunshine, with a fire threat possible in portions of California and Nevada. Stay tuned for more and have a wonderful week!

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