Monday, May 7, 2012

"You raise me up, 
to walk on stormy seas."
- Lyrics from You Raise Me Up, a single by Irish songwriter Rolf Løvland 
For Monday inspiration, enjoy this YouTube video of Josh Groban's rendering

7:50 AM EDT 5/7/12 (Forecasters Mike N. & Mr. Foot) - With today being "Weather Music Monday" on our team, we hope this timeless song conveys our appreciate to you, our readers for coming to sit awhile with us. However, the weather is not taking the inspirational hint, with the latest satellite image showing a sprawling system across the  middle of the country today. It looks as though it is trying to "stand on mountains" (as in all of them) as the system is practically touching each corner of the nation with different fronts and branches of low pressure sprawled in all directions. 

SEVERE THREAT MOVES EAST - Areas such as those covered by the Northeast Ohio zone may need to look out for some thunderstorms impacting the region. We have a large area in the Mid-west being impacted by showers and storms this evening, but this will shift eastward Monday. From the Cleveland area, this threat will stretch down to areas covered by our Ohio Valley Severe Weather zone and into the Mid-Mississippi Valley. The wide swath of land impacted may also stretch down towards the Savannah, GA coastline, and also back the other direction towards south-central Texas. 

THE HEAT GOES ON RETREAT - Cooler weather will expand on both sides of the storm system, including the Northeast Pennsylvania zone. That region may only see highs in the low to mid 60s on Monday, but be sure to check out the local experts for more details! Another area that will see cooler conditions will be the St. Louis metro. St. Louis broke the daily record high on Sunday with a high of 92º, but with storms passing, Monday's highs may be capped in the upper 70s, a big drop. 

HOLDING STRONG IN THE SOUTH - Of course, the warm weather still has a stronghold in the southern plains and into the southeast. Down in our Central Mississippi zone, the weather may not be quite as warm, but with highs still in the upper 80s, that is far from cool! Warmth will be strongest from south Texas into the Mid-Mississippi River Valley with a wide swath of 90s possible, but the real cool down will come on Tuesday for many places. 

SIMPLY BUENA VISTA! - Many areas west of the Rockies will see a beautiful start to the new week with plentiful sunshine! Also, many places from our Seattle & The Sound Zone to Los Angeles will see a big jump in high temperatures as well. Have a wonderful Monday!

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